Epic mickey

Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Epic Mickey

Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Epic Mickey is a written story based on the new Mickey Mouse video game designed by Warren Spector. It was submitted to Deviant Art on January 8, 2011.


A long time ago, Mickey Mouse and Leo Lionheart curiously entered a magic mirror and wound up in the workshop of Master Yen Sid. They discovered that the sorcerer was creating a world called Crossoverland where things were born of different world and merged together and a refuge for the forgotten on the table was the model of the land with paint and a magic paint bush. While fiddling with the brush, Mickey accidently creates a Shadow Blot. Leo tried to erase the Blot with paint thinner, but accidently added more paint in doing so. Also, thinner gets on the model. As they hear Yen Sid approaching, Mickey and Leo leave the scene as the Shadow Blot enters the ruined world and takes control of it from it's first resident, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Back in present day, Mickey and Leo had forgetton about about their past incident until the Shadow Blot entered into their home, Ghostbusters Headquarters, and abduts them and all of Leo's friends into the ruined world, now called the Wasteland. Over time, Oswald had been in hiding. His will and his mind have become twisted by his jealousy of Mickey's rise to fame. Meanwhile, the Mad Doctor and the Blot formulate a plan to destroy Mickey's, Leo's and everyone else by stealing their hearts, which they plan to use in an attempt to escape the ruined world. However, Benny frees everyone and they destroy the machine before they are brought to safety by a gremlin named Gus. He arms everyone with magic brushes, paint and thinner, which they must use to restore the Wastland, who most of the inhabitants have all been forgotten and lost their hearts, and win the trust of Oswald.

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