Benny Leo Johnny Fantasmic

Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Fantasmic!

Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Fantasmic! is the season 1 finale episode of the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series. It will appear on YouTube in the future.


Benny, Leo, Johnny, Rae and their friends and allies are joined together by Mickey Mouse to enjoy the sights of his dreams.

Fed up with numerous foiled plots and defeats by the Fantasy Adventure Team, Heath Lynx plans to steal Leo's Time Omnitrix to go back in time to bring back the villains the team faced in the past--including the Dark Ones!

To chase after Heath, restore the timeline and get back Leo's omnitrix, Benny unleashes his new life-size, fully operational time machine that he had built using the blueprints of Dr. Emmett Brown's DeLorean Time Machine.

Will the team win once again or be lost in the nightmare Fantasmic?


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