Benny, Leo and Johnny TheSwordInTheStone

Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of The Sword in the Stone

Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventures of The Sword in the Stone is the fourteenth episode of the Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventures series. It will be written by FantasyFilms2011, LionheartCaptain, LionKingRulezAgain1 and FusionAngelFuAn and will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Benny, Leo, Johnny, Rae, the El Arca crew, the Cubs and Heath Lynx met Merlin the Wizard, Archimedes the Owl, and a boy named Arthur for the first time. Throughout this adventure, they hung out the the three and they watch Merlin teach Arthur what's it like being a fish, a squirrel, and a bird, along meeting the mischevious Madam Mim who is seeking the power of the Lion Spirit. They soon discovered the Sword in the Stone and when Arthur pulled the sword out, he quickly became King of England.


  • Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Leonette, Zuba and Florrie will accompany the Fantasy Team. Vitally, Stefano and Gia may also be in this adventure.
  • Merlin teaches the team a new spell.
  • Heath Lynx appears on this adventure, this time as a temporary ally.
  • Originally, Xellos was scheduled to appear in this adventure on YouTube, but due to concerns of copyright infringement with no intention, he will be replaced with Cassie, a GEP lioness character who is Palladon's mate. Xellos is now an DeviantArt exculsive character.
  • The Cubs, including Leo's son Danny and Alex's daughter Alexis, will make their second appearance, as Merlin's pupils.
  • The crew learned that Madam Mim is Maleficent's half-sister.
  • The crew's next powerful enemy will make a cameo apperance on this adventure, through his or her idenity will remain a mystery until the beginning of the second season.
  • This adventure was originally set as the season finale episode, but Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventures of Fantasmic! is now scheduled to release as the season finale episode, respectively.

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