Danny Gets Tangled with Rapunzel

Danny Gets Tangled with Rapunzel

Danny Gets Tangled with Rapunzel is another crossover film created by CoolZDane. It appeared on YouTube in 2-14-2012.


Danny, Sawyer, his friends, and the Berenstain Bears have traveled to the magical kingdom of Corona where they meet an elusive thief named Flynn Rider, Rapunzel the lost princess with 70 feet of magical golden hair, and their friends, a chameleon named Pascal and a palace guard horse named Maximus. Together, they must get her away from the evil Mother Gothel (and Darla Dimple) as they help Rapunzel return to her royal heritage.


  • The Berenstain Bears, Darla Dimple, Raffish Ralph and Weasel McGreed will guest star in the film.
  • Darla Dimple will reveal to be the niece of Mother Gothel and help her keep Rapunzel in the tower. (Just pretend Rapunzel and Darla are sisters)
  • Raffish Ralph and Weasel McGreed will reveal to be partners of the Stabbington Brothers.
  • During the camping scene, Danny attempts to propose to Sawyer for marriage but is interrupted by Jim Crow telling them that Eugene has returned. Finally at the family reunion with Rapunzel's parents, Danny asks Sawyer to marry her and she happily accepts.
  • This will be the last 'Adventures' film that has Danny saying "This is Sawyer. She's my girlfriend."

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