George and Mary Darling are married and they have 3 children named Wendy John and Michael and a st bernard named Nana and Wendy tells stories of Peter Pan but when Peter Pan comes to listen at the window Nana takes his shadow and Wendy puts it away one night George and Mary get dressed for the party while John and Michael are playing Pan vs Hook and Nana brings them tonic but the thunder quack is in the sky in london Darkwing Duck Launchpad Mcquack Gosalyn Mallard and Honker Muddlefoot arrive and they spend the night at the nursey but changes are made Nana is put outside and Wendy John and Michael are tucked in bed and Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker get their own room as well as George and Mary head out for the party Peter Pan and his pixie companion Tinkerbelle enter the nursery and search for his shadow but when Wendy wakes up she sews his shadow back in and Peter decides to take Wendy to Neverland with him but Tinkerbelle is jealous but John and Michael wake up and meet Peter Pan so do Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker and he sprinkles pixie dust on them and they fly away to neverland where we see a pirate ship in the sea and there is also a boat which the fearsome five are on Negaduck with Quackerjack Megavolt Bushroot and the Liquideator are on they board the ship and meet rough and dangerous pirates that want to leave the island they also meet the dimwitted first mate Mr Smee who takes them to the captain Captain Hook is their ruthless leader he wants revange on Peter Pan but has no clue where his hideout is but he thinks the indains might help him out with it Mr Smee interdouces the Fearsome Five to Hook and they become members of his crew but a pirate is singing on the mast and Negaduck is annoyed he ask Hook to shoot him and Hook does the faver and pulls his gun trigger and sends the pirate off the mast and into the thrashing sea and Hook tells the Fearsome Five how he got that hook becuase Peter cut his left hand off and fed it to a dangerous crocodile the croc loved Hooks hand so well he followed him everywhere he went to get another taste and Smee tells the Fearsome Five that the croc will be heard becuase he fed him an alarm clock which will tick inside the creatures stomach when he is near by but suddenly the crocodile swims towards the ship and tries to snatch Hook but Hook takes cover and Smee comfronts the croc and the croc leaves the ship and Smee gives Hook a relaxing shave but one pirate alerts them that Peter Pan is now back in neverland and Captain Hook Mr Smee the pirates and the Fearsome Five light the cannons they park on a cloud but cannons fire from the ship and Peter tells Tinkerbelle to take Wendy the boys and the ducks to the island while he stays and draws Hooks fire and Tinkerbelle and Peter outwitts the cannons but Hook Smee with Quackerjack and Megavolt go the indain camp and capture Tigerlilly and the Crocodile follows them but when the Indain Cheif finds his daughter missing he sends his tribe to capture the Lost Boys meanwhile Tinkerbelle enters Hangsmen Tree which is Peters hideout and tells them to shoot Wendy and they do but Peter saves her and banishes Tinkerbelle Darkwing and Launchpad go with Peter and Wendy to see the mermaids while Gosalyn and Honker join John Michael and the Lost Boys on their indain hunt on the way they encounter hippos apes rhinos and bears but then they get captured by indains and the indains tie them up and the Cheif threatens them with burning at the steak if Tigerlilly is not safe at home meanwhile Peter Wendy Darkwing and Launchpad enter the Mermaid Lagoon but the Mermaids are not nice to Wendy but suddenly the Mermaids swim away when Captain Hook arrives on his boat with Mr Smee Quackerjack and Megavolt and behind them is the Tick Tocking Crocodile which follows them to Skull Rock at the Skullrock Captain Hook forces Tigerlilly to tell him the location of Peter Pans hiding place but she refuses to give away the secret as for that Hook chains her up to a rock to drown and Peter immates Hooks voices ordering Smee Quackerjack and Megavolt to release Tigerlilly and they do but Hook finds out and challenges Peter to a dull and Darkwing fights Quackerjack and Megavolt and Darkwing defeats Quackerjack and Megavolt and throws him in the water and Peter defeats Hook and Hook ends up hanging on the edge of the cliff by his hook and the hungry Crocodile shows up just in time and pulls the captain off the edge and into his snapping jaws below but Hook pops out of the crocs mouth and yells for Smee to save him Smee gets on the boat and rescues Megavolt and Quackerjack and rows for the Captain Hook tries to hold the Crocs jaws open with his legs but falls back in while the croc is alseep Hook tries to sneak his way out but falls back in without being swallowed Smee Quackerjack and Megavolt watch in fear as the Crocodile smacks Hooks right hand with his tail and chases him underwater and catches him on his snout but Hook jumps off the croc and tries to get safe back in the boat but the Croc knocks the boat out of the way and Hook jumps back into his mouth Smee hits the Croc with the oar and Hook escapes and is back on the boat the Crocodile is on their tail Smee Quackerjack and Megavolt espace but Hook bumps into the cave and ends up back in the water with the hungry Crocodile Hook tries to flee but bumps back into the cave and the Croc crashes him through and chases him back to his pirate ship and Peter Pan and Darkwing Duck give each other five after winning another duel with their enemies and they save Tigerlilly and they take her to the Indain Camp and Wendy and Launchpad catch up meanwhile at the pirate ship Hook escape the Crocodile that was swimming around the pirate ship hoping the Captain to apear on deck but instead the croc grows tired and swims to Crocodile Creek and Hook caught a cold from the chase and Smee is hammering in a sign that says quiet do not disturb but one pirate cannot read and Smee gives the news that Peter Pan has banished Tinkerbelle and Captain Hook has another plan he sends Smee to get Tinkerbelle meanwhile Peter Pan Wendy Darkwing Duck and Launchpad return Tigerlily to the Indain Camp and the Indain Cheif releases John Michael the Lost Boys Gosalyn and Honker and they have a celebration all expect Wendy she is ordered to get firewood by the Cheifs Wife and realises that neverland is not a great place meanwhile Mr Smee captures Tinkerbelle and takes her to the pirate ship and Hook and Negaduck tell Tinkerbelle that they can get rid of Wendy if she tells them Peter Pans hideout and they promise not to hurt Peter or Darkwing and she points out Hangsmen Tree after that Hook locks Tinkerbelle in the lantern and rounds up the pirate crew and the fearsome five and they head for shore meanwhile Peter Wendy John Michael the Lostboys Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker head for Hangsmen Tree and they celebrate how wonderful they were and Wendy wants to go home and the other go with her but Darkwing chooses to stay with Peter knowing he wont have to fight crime anymore but after they exit Hangsmen Tree they get captured by pirates that take them away and Hook leaves a wrapped up bomb for Peter and Negaduck also leaves one for Darkwing and they head to the Ship at the Ship they are offered to join the crew or walk the plank but Tinkerbelle breaks free from the lantern and heads to warn Peter and Darkwing about it but Peter and Darkwing open their presents and blows up Hangsmen Tree and Tinkerbelle is brought back to life and she goes with Peter Pan and Darkwing Duck to save Wendy the boys and the ducks and the Crocodile follows them out to sea but Wendy is forced to walk the plank but Peter saves her and John Michael the Lostboys Gosalyn and Honker are free and they fight the pirates and Mr Smee gets on the boat to leave the island and Darkwing Duck fights the Fearsome Five and ties them up and locks them in the cabin and Hook almost falls overboard to the Crocodile but escapes and the Croc punches the waves and the pirates get thrown overboard with Mr Smee and Hook challenges Pan to a duel with no flying and the Croc watches in the sea below but Hook gets defeated and admits hes a codfish and the Croc claps with them and later Hook falls off the mast and into the Crocs snapping jaws below and the flag is thrown overboard Hook comes up to the surface covered in the flag but not seeing where hes going he runs into the Crocs mouth but comes out with the clock the Croc chases him and sends him bobbing above the sea and chases him towards the sunset and Smee and the other Pirates follow them and Peter Pan and Darkwing Duck won the battle and they send the Fearsome Five to the St Canard city jail and Tinkerbelle sprinkles the ship with fairy dust and makes it fly out of neverland and into london and Wendy John and Michael are back in the nursery and Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker head on the thunderquack and go back to st carnard and Peter the Lostboys and Tinkerbelle head back to Neverland and George and Mary return home and let Nana back in the house John and Michael are asleep in bed and Wendy tells them about their adventures in neverland and they watch the ship in the clouds the end

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