plot it opens in a castle in france where Prince Adam has everything he wants allthough he does not treat others with kindness instead he is real selfish spoiled and unkind but one winter night an old begger woman comes to his castle for shelter from the blizzard and to return the favor she brings him a rose but the Prince snears at the rose and turns the old woman away but she warns him never to be deceived by appearances for beauty is found within and when he dismissed her once again she becomes a beautiful enchantress and changes Prince Adam into a hideous monsterous horned beast and bewitches his castle turning the angel statues into evil demons and changing his servents into objects the beast conceals himself in the west wing sratching up the picture of him as a human prince with his magic rose and mirror left behind he must learn to love others and get their love in return and the spell will finially be broken if not he will remain a beast forever but when years pass in a village not too far from the castle is a girl named Belle who takes a walk into town meeting some people who find her really odd she visits a bookshop and gets to keep the book she really likes but later the thunder quack enters france and Darkwing Duck Launchpad Mcquack Gosalyn Mallard and Honker Muddlefoot take a look around in the village to find interesting stuff but they here gunshots it is the local town hero Gaston with his lackey Lefou Gaston however is in love with Belle but he also attracks the attention of a girl trio called the Bimbettes but takes no notice to them and later Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker meet Belle and become her friends but Gaston interupts them telling Belle that she should stop reading books and focus more on him but Belle has no inetrest in Gaston unknown to the both of them Steelbeak sent by the fowl commander also arrives in france hoping to capture Darkwing Duck and destroy him but then Belle takes Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker to her cottage to meet her father Maurice who finally finsishes his latest invention and heads on the horse Phillip to the fair but gets lost in the dark forest on the way getting abandon by Phillip and encountering bats and a pack of hungry wolves he escapes the wolves and enters a dreaded castle where he meets Lumiare the candle and Cogsworth the clock and a teapot named Mrs Potts and a teacup named Chip but an evil beast locks him in the dungeon the next morning back at the village Gaston has a wedding planned for him and Belle in order to pronounce him and Belle husband and wife he has chapel outside and gives Lefou the instructions on the wedding song he enters the cottage and talks with Belle about his plans after marraige going hunting with his wife and getting his sons ready for the hunt and later ask Belle to marry him but Belle refuses and sends Gaston flying out the door and into the mud and Launchpad throws the boots out with Gaston and Lefou ask Gaston how it went but Gaston does not give up he still wants Belle for his wife and Stealbeak overhears that and decides to go cheer Gaston up and Phillip returns without Maurice and takes Belle Darkwing Launchpad Gosalny and Honker to the castle where they find Maurice in the dungeon but the Beast catches them and Belle agrees to stay at the castle forever and than he throws Maurice out and leaves them locked in the dungeon but Lumiare suggest that the Beast should offer them a comfortable bedroom and the Beast does reminding them to stay out of the west wing and to join him for dinner and back at the village in the tavern Gaston is depressed for being rejected by Belle and Stealbeak enters the tavern and joins Lefou and the cronies into cheering Gaston up after that Stealbeak becomes Gastons new friend but Maurice storms into the tavern telling everybody that a loathsome beast has Belle and the ducks locked in a dungeon but they laugh at him thinking hes crazy and toss him out into the blizzard after that Gaston becomes a villian and has a plan on how to blackmail Belle into marrying him and Stealbeak participates in the scheme knowing that Darkwing Duck is included back at the castle Belle Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker meet Mrs Potts and Chip who offer them a cup of tea and the Beast askes them to come to dinner but they refuse and the Beast makes it clear that if they dont eat with him they dont eat period and the next day they decided to have dinner being entertained by Lumiare after that they enter the westwing but the Beast scares them out and Belle Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker leave the castle but get attacked by wolves but the Beast fights the wolves off and becomes wounded so they take him back to the castle and attend to his wounds back at the village in the tavern Gaston Lefou and Stealbeak meet a greedy and sinister madhouse owner named Monseur D - arque and ask him to throw Maurice and the ducks into the assylum unless Belle agrees to marry Gaston and Monseur D - arque loves their plans and agrees to do it and Maurice heads off to the castle to find them and get them out of there unaware of Gastons evil plans but Gaston Lefou and Stealbeak enter the cottage seeing that Belle Maurice and the ducks are not in there and they tell Lefou to stay in the snow untill they return and they head out on the madhouse trailer leaving Lefou behind but back at the castle the Beast is now kind and friendly he shows Belle the liberary and lets her keep all the books in it meanwhile Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker help the objects clean the castle while the Beast gets a bath and later has a ballroom dance with Belle and Belle however wants to see her father again and the Beast shows her his mirror now releasing her from captivity and giving her his mirror also allowing Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker to go with her and they do and on their way back they find Maurice stranded in the snow and they take him back to the cottage and nurse him back to health but Lefou runs off to tell Gaston and Stealbeak about this and Monseur D - aque arrives at the cottage with an angry mob to capture Maurice and throw him in the looney madhouse and Stealbeak arrives with commander fowl and orders them to throw Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker in with Maurice and Gaston tells Belle that he will call the whole thing off if Belle decides to make Gaston her husband but she still refuses knowing that this whole thing was his idea and Belle proves her father sane by revealing the existance of the Beast in the mirror to the entire town and she convences them that the Beast is friendly but Gaston becomes jealous knowing that Belle is in loved with the Beast and not him he convences the town that the Beast is a terrifying monster that must be killed at once he locks Belle Maurice and the ducks in the celler and Stealbeak joins Gaston Lefou and the Angry Mob as they exit the town and head for the woods to find the castle and kill the Beast at the castle Lumiare Cogsworth and Mrs Potts begin to overreact thinking that Belle and the ducks wont return and when they look out the window and spot Gaston Lefou and Stealbeak arriving with an Angrymob at the draw bridge they warn the other objects about the castle being under attack the Beast however is in no mood to fight them off at the moment and when Gaston Lefou Stealbeak and the mob enter the castle the objects fight the mob assulting them but Gaston desserts the fight and runs up stairs to search for the Beast and Stealbeak follows him so he can watch the battle meanwhile at the village Chip frees Belle Maurice and the ducks from the celler and they get on Phillip and head for the castle at the castle the objects seem to be defeating the mob Lefou however plots revange on Lumiare trying to melt his face with a torch but Cogsworth saves him by poking Lefou in the butt with scizzors and the stove frightens Lefou and the mob out of the castle and the objects won the battle but suddenly Gaston finds the Beast in the westwing and fires an arrow into him and pushes him out the window provoking the Beast to fight back Gaston grabs a spiked club to hit the Beast with but Belle and the others return and the Beast grabs the club and battles Gaston on the roof bitting the club in half and than the Beast threatens to throw Gaston off the balcony but Gaston pleads for mercy and the Beast spares his life telling him to leave his castle for good and reunites with Belle but Gaston refuses to give up he stabs the Beast from behind with his dagger but suddenly Gaston loses his ballance and falls off the balcony to his death and Stealbeaks is angry with the defeat of Gaston but Darkwing Duck catches Stealbeak and sends him out of the castle to the st carnard city jail but then the Beast is badly wounded and dies and Belle starts crying and Lumiare Cogsworth and Mrs Potts are also sad and Darkwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker also cry and Belle says she loves the Beast which breaks the spell and the Beast is changed back into Prince Adam and the castle is no longer bewitched and the evil demon statues are now holy angels once more and the objects are human again and Belle marries Prince Adam and Darwing Launchpad Gosalyn and Honker bid Belle goodbye knowing they will meet her again and head back to st carnard the end

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