Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Friends Forever is a Barney Clip Show that was released on September 1, 1998. and the DVD releaseded in July 27, 2005.


When Carlos can't decide on what to paint for her art project, Baby Bop helps her decide. When the decision gets frustrating, Barney helps them come up with an idea to create a picture of something special to them.


  • Barney
  • B.J.
  • Baby Bop
  • Carlos
  • Min
  • Shawn
  • Jason
  • Stella the Storyteller
  • Mr. Boyd


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Fiesta Songs (taken from: Birthday Ole)
  3. The Baby Bop Hop (taken from: Barney's Big Surprise)
  4. The Barney Bag (taken from: Playing it Safe)
  5. The Popcorn Song (taken from: Day and Night)
  6. Once Upon A Time (taken from: Once Upon A Time)
  7. Everyone Is Special (taken from: Everyone Is Special)
  8. I Love You (taken from: Barney In Concert) 

Barney Friends Forever PreviewsEdit



  1. Dark Blue FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Logo (1998-2001)
  3. Please Stay Tuned Bumper (1995-1999)
  4. Barney Home Video Intro
  5. Barney Friends Forever Title Card


  1. Barney Says Title Card
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Barney's Halloween Party Trailer
  4. Barney's Adventure Bus Trailer
  5. Barney Fun & Games Preview


  • The Barney NEW Clip Show Costume from "You Can Do It" is used in this video.
  • The NEW Clip Show version of Barney Live! In New York City is also used in the video.

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