Pooh's Adventures of The Man Called Flintstone Poster

Pooh's Adventures of The Man Called Flintstone

Pooh's Adventures of The Man Called Flintstone is the first and only Winnie the Pooh/The Flintstones crossover film by KitaroShinX. It appeared on YouTube November 2009. A remake version (with Tennesssee Tuxedo and Chumley) will be made by BrerJake90 and will appear on Vimeo in the near future.


Winnie the Pooh and his friends (along with Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley) are back in Bedrock once again. This time they join The Flintstones, and The Rubbles on a trip to Eurorock. Unknown to them, Fred is hired to become an agent to find The Green Goose all over Eurorock. Pooh and the others (along with Barney) soon found out their secret after Fred found The Green Goose's hideout in the abandoned Theme Park. And together they will do whatever it takes to save the world before it goes into the hands of the Green Goose.


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