in germeny ? a man marries a woman and has a daughter named Cinderella but when the woman dies he marries another woman who is ugly and vain Lady Tremaine and her daughters Drezella and Anatasia and her cat Lucifere but after her dad dies Cinderella is forced to do chores and dress in rags ? and they hire Boris and Natasha to keep watch of her later Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive in germeny after their first and second visit they meet Cinderella and her mice friends Jaq and Gus and Bruno the Dog and help Cinderella with her chores and Boris and Natasha along with Lucifer watch they finally finish Cinderellas dress but the stepsisters tear it up but the Fairy Godmother comes and creates her a new dress and turns a pumpkin into a carrage mice into horses and Bruno into a coachman and Rocky and Bulleinkle into her royal gaurds but worns that the spell will be broken at the stroke of midnight at the ball Cinderella dances with Prince Charming but during the stroke of midnight Cinderella runs off leaving behind a glass slippers Rocky and Bullwinkle follow her but soon they are changed back into a squierelle and a moose and Cinderella is back into rags but Prince Charming  finds the slipper and gives it to the Duke that shows it to the king the next day Cinderella is doing more chores and Rocky and Bullwinkle are helping out but when Lady Tramaine hears that Cinderella was at the ball she locks her in her room and Boris and Natasha lock Rocky and Bullwinkle in the celler Jaque and Gus try to free her but Lucifer attacks them and Bruno scares Lucifer off and Rocky and Bullwinkle are free and they lock Boris and Natasha in the celler and Cinderella is free and the Duke tries the slipper on Drezilla but it does not fit than Anatasia but it does not fit her either and when Cinderella gets ready Lady Tramaine trips the Duke breaking the slipper but afterwards the other slipper is here and it fits Cinderella very fine and Cinderella marries Prince Charming and Rocky and Bulleinkle head back home the end

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