at an oprhanage a girl named Penny is kidnapped by an evil woman named Madame Medussa who takes her to the bayou and her crocodiles Brutus and Nero watch her on the porch as she sends a message in a bottle and the rescue aid society in new york gets the message Bernard and Bianca the two mice meet Rocky and Bullwinkle who join them on the rescue misson at the orphange they meet a cat named Rufus who tells them of Pennys ware abouts they later visit a pawn shop and hide from Madame Medussa who is talking to Mr Snoops on the phone about the diamond and she takes a flight to the Devils Bayou and Bernard Bianca Rocky and Bullwinkle go with them on albertross named Orville at the bayou Penny runs off and Madame Medussa gets angry to know that Penny is not there she sends Brutus Nero Boris and Natasha to go retrieve her in the swamp Bernard Bianca Rocky and Bullwinkle meet some swamp critters anda dragon fly named Evenrude and Penny is captured by Brutus Nero Boris and Natasha and taken back to the evil boat and Mr Snoops sends Penny up to her room and talk about the plan to get Penny in the cave while Madame Medussa is up stairs working on the plan Brutus and Nero discover Bernard and Bianca and chase them and Boris and Natasha discover Rocky and Bullwinkle and grab them and Mademe Medussa discovers them and tosses them out and Penny gets dressed for bed and Madussa talks with Penny about getting the Devils Eye and she meets Bernard Bianca Rocky and Bullwinkle the next morning Madussa Snoops Boris Natasha Brutus and Nero take Penny Bernard Bianca Rocky and Bullwinkle to the cave in the cave theu find the devils eye but the tide comes in and they are about to drown but are saved and Medussa gets the eye and pens Penny and Snoops to the wall with a gun but the rescue party shows up and rescues Penny Medusa uses Brutus and Nero as water jets to catch with them but loses and Snoops laughs at Medusa and leaves the bayou and Boris and Natasha quit their job and Brutus and Nero snap at Medusa and later at new york the devils eye is at the museum and Penny has finally been adopted and Bernard and Bianca have another misson to go on and Rocky and Bullwinkle join them the end

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