in the australain outback a young boy named Cody helps a captured eagle named Marrihute but meets an evil poacher named Percival C Mcleach and his pet goanna lizard Joanna but Mcleach wants to kill Marrihute and stuff her after discovering that Mcleach is a poacher he runs but to a river infested with crocodiles and he takes Cody away, Meanwhile in New York Miss Bianca, Bernard Rocky, Bullwinkle, Peabody, Sherman, Dudley Do Right and Karen Sympathy were having dinner until they heard a missing boy in australia and they meet another Albertross named Wilbur who is Orvilles brother and they inform him that a boy has been kidnapped in australia and he flies them there in australia Mcleach is taking Cody to his hideout threating to kill him if he does not tell the ware abouts of the eagle eggs and that he shot the father he has also hired Boris Natasha and Snidlely Whiplash who puts Cody in his own cage meanwhile Bernard Bianca Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right Karen Sympathy and Wilbur arrive in australia at last and meet a kangaroo rat named Jake and Wilbur is forced into the hosbital in the cage Cody meets a male kangaroo a koala and a thrilled neck lizard named Frank they try to escape but Joanna stops them when Boris Natasha and Snidely Whiplash see it they tell Mcleach and Mcleach takes takes him away and Wilbur escapes the hosbital and Bernard Bianca Jake Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right and Karen Sympathy encounter a snake but Jake tames the snake that takes them across the river meanwhile Mcleach Joanna Boris Natasha and Snidely Whiplash decide to let Cody go but secretly follow him but afterwards they decide to feed him to the crocodiles by luring him in the river the crocs swim and lick their lips for a meal and Bernard meets a Razor Back that takes him to rescue Cody and Boris Natasha and Snidley Whiplash attack but Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right and Karen Sympathy lock Boris Natasha and Snidely Whiplash in their cage and Joanna attacks Bernard but Bernard pushes Joanna and Mcleach in the river and the crocodiles turn their attention to them and attack Mcleach fights the crocs that attack him the crocs swim away seeing a waterfall and Joanna holding on to a rock waves goodbye to Mcleach who falls down the waterfall to his death and Cody is about fall down the waterfall but Marahute saves him and Bernard marries Bianca Jake rides on the eagle and Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right and Karen Sympathy head back home and Wilbur who is still watching the eggs gets bit by a baby eagle the end

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