It's was a long time not very long a go. Boris and Natasha work with Rasputin to kill Anastasia and her family, But Anastasia was not dead she is lost along and became Anya the orphan, But at Gabbaland DJ Lance Rock and Plex toll Rocky and Bullwinkle the story about Rasputin, Boris and Natasha were killing Anastasia's family they tell them to find her. Meanwhile Dimitri and Vald were trying to finding Anastasia too, But they can't find her, They only found Anya, Rocky and Bullwinkle. Dimitri think Anya is Anastasia, But they can help them to go to Paris. and they find a dog named her Pooka until Bartok hear a news that Anastasia is alive and Boris and Natasha take him to Rasputin and Rasputin has a plan to haunt Anatasia in her nightmares and Boris and Natasha enjoy that plan meanwhile on the train Dimitri Vald Anya Rocky Bullwinkle and Pooka are having comversation but when she falls asleep demons attack but she wakes up making Rasputin a failor and he yells at Bartok Boris and Natasha they finally make it back to paris for the ballroom dance and Rasputin Bartok Boris and Natasha have new plans later Anatasia and Dimitri have a ballroom dance and Rasputin attacks and Boris and Natasha ambush Rocky and Bullwinkle but Dimitri punches Rasputin and battles him and uses the amulet on Antasia Boris and Natasha grin evily but Anatasia smashes the amulet and destroys the magic keeping Rasputin alive thus having his body turning to dust and being dragged back to hell by the demons and Rocky and Bullwinkle arrest Boris and Natasha and Bartok is reformed and falls in love with a girl bat and Dimitri marries Anatasia and Rocky and Bullwinkle cheer and are overwhlemed and head home the end

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