George and Mary Darling are on a wedding they have Wendy John and Michael and Nana a st bernard and they live in a house on bloomsberry street a nursery home Wendy tells John and Michael stories of Peter Pan and when Peter Pan comes to the window Nana takes his shadow and Wendy puts it away later that night Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive in london and meet Wendy John and Michael and become their friends but things change when Nana is thrown outside and Wendys last night in the nursery as they leave for the party Peter Pan and his fairy sidekick Tinkerbell arrive and enter the nursery Wendy sows Peters shadow back in and John and Michael wake up and Rocky and Bullwinkle greet Peter nicely and he sprinkles pixie dust on all of them and they fly to neverland where we see a pirate ship and on a boat in the sea is Boris and Natasha who board the ship and meet rough and evil pirates and the dimwitted first mate Mr Smee who interdouces them to their ruthless pirate captain Captain Hook who is plotting to kill Peter Pan but cannot locate his hideout but thinks the indains might help but he overhears a pirate singing and shoots him with his gun and suddenly a tick tocking nose is heard in the water is the hungry Crocodile that tries to gobble up Hook but Mr Smee Boris and Natasha frighten the Croc away after that they are alerted that Peter Pan is back and Boris and Natasha see that Rocky and Bullwinkle are with Peter Pan and they fire the cannons at them and than Boris and Natasha go with Hook and Smee on the row boat and head for the indain camp and they capture Tiger Lily unknown to both of them the hungry Tick Tocking Crocodile is lurking behind them but than when the Indain Cheif finds his daughter he sends out the indain tribe to capture the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell goes to the island to tell the Lost Boys that Peter said to shoot Wendy and they do but Peter saves her and banishes Tinkerbell after that he takes Wendy Rocky and Bullwinkle to vist the mermaids while John Michael and the Lost Boys go on an indain hunt crossing hippos apes rhinos and bears untill they are captured by the indains and taken to the indain camp and the Indain Cheif thinks that the boys have captured Tiger Lily and will not rest untill she is safe at home at the mermaid lagoon Peter Pan meets the Mermaids and interdouces Rocky and Bullwinkle to them and they are not nice to Wendy they try to drown Wendy but suddenly Peter Rocky Bullwinkle and Wendy spot a row boat seeing Hook and Smee with Boris and Natasha and the mermaids swim away and they have Tigerlily in the boat behind them is the hungry Crocodile that smiles at the camera and follows Hook Smee Boris and Natasha towards skullrock and Peter Wendy Rocky and Bullwinkle follow them to skull rock at skull rock Captain Hook forces Tigerlily to reveal Peters hidden location but she refuses to give out the secret as for that they tie her up to a rock but Peter imitates the voice of indain spirit encouraging Captain Hook to look around and investagate and later imiates Hooks voice ordering Smee Boris and Natasha to untie Tigerlily but Hook tells them to tie her back up but afterwards Hook discovers Peter and has a duel with him and Boris and Natasha discover Rocky and Bullwinkle and have duels with them but Rocky trips Natasha into the water and Bullwinkle grabs Boris and tosses him in with Natasha and Hook is stuck on the cliff hanging by his hook and the Crocodile shows up just in time to see his prey dangle from the edge he snaps off his jacket and eats it later he pulls Hook off the cliff and into his mouth and sinks underwater and the Croc reappears out of the water and Hook pops out of his mouth and yells Smee Mr Smee grabs Boris and Natasha out of the water and wraps them up in blankets and rows to save Hook Hook uses his legs to keep the Crocs jaws open but instead he loses balance and falls back in and Hook tries to sneak his way out but loses his other shoe and falls back into the Crocs mouth without being swallowed and later the Croc smacks Hook on the hand with his tail and chases after him beneath the sea and catches him on his snount Hook tries to flee to get back in the boat but the Croc knocks the boat aside and catches Hook in his snapping jaws Smee gets the oar to hit the Croc with but accidently hits Hook with it to and they fall underwater and Hook makes it back safely in the boat but Croc is gaining on them and a huge cave exit is in the way Smee Boris and Natasha escape but Hook bumps into it and falls back into the water with the Crocodile Hook tries to flee but bumps back into the cave and the Croc crashes Hook through and out of the cave and chases him away from skull rock and Peter rescues Tigerlily from the tide and exits skull rock and Rocky Bullwinkle and Wendy follow them meanwhile at the pirate ship Hook escapes the Croc and Smee Boris and Natasha put a thermomter in Hooks mouth to take his tempature and the Croc swims around the pirate ship waiting for Hook to appear on deck but Hook does not appear on deck instead the Croc gets tired of swimming around the ship and heads for Crocodile Creek and Hook is angry at Peter for defeating him and he has caught a cold from the chase but when he hears hammering on the door he gets up to silence whoever is doing it Smee is hammering a do not disburb plaque on the door and a pirate comes by with hot water and Smee Boris and Natasha tell him to be queit and not make any noise but the pirate cannot read and when Hook comes out the cabin door Smee accidently hits him with the hammer and Hook falls back into the bucket of water dizzy and Smee Boris and Natasha enter the cabin and shut the door and inform Hook that Pan has banished Tinkerbell after that Hook has a new plan he sends Smee to fetch Tinkerbell and Smee does and Peter Pan Wendy Rocky and Bullwinkle return Tigerlily to the indain camp and the Cheif releases John Michael and the Lost Boys and they have a celebration but Wendy is forced to get firewood by the Cheifs wife instead of celebrating the dance with the rest now knowing that neverland is not the place for her but Tinkerbell is captured by Mr Smee and taken to the pirate ship and Captain Hook tells Tinkerbell that he will get rid of Wendy if she reveals Peter hidden location and Tinkerbell makes Hook promise not to hurt Peter and he does and reveals that its Hangsmen Tree and Hook locks Tinkerbell in the lantern and he Smee Boris Natasha and the pirate crew head for shore to capture them and then they head to hangsmen tree and Wendy wants to go home and John Michael the Lostboys Rocky and Bullwinkle decide to go with her but Peter wants to stay in neverland as they leave hangsmen tree the pirates capture them and Boris and Natasha capture Rocky and Bullwinkle and catch up with the crew and Hook and Smee lure a wrapped up bomb down the tree hole and than head back to the pirate ship and they tie them up and have two choices for them to make join Hooks crew or walk the plank but Tinkerbell escapes to warn Peter about the present she takes the present from him which explodes and Peter Pan saves Tinkerbell and rounds up the hungry Crocodile that swims out to sea to finish Hook off and Hook is making Wendy walk the plank but Peter saves Wendy and has another duel with Hook he frees John Michael and the Lostboys with Rocky and Bullwinkle and they fight the pirates while Rocky and Bullwinkle fight Boris and Natasha Hook however trips over the plank almost falling into the sea with the vicoius Crocodile but Hook escapes and the Croc punches the waves not getting Hook in his jaws and Smee and the rest of the pirates are tossed overboard and Rocky and Bullwinkle toss Boris and Natasha into the sea and Hook challenges Peter to a no flying duel during the fight the Croc watches them in the sea waiting to see who might win but it seems that Hook will win but instead Peter wins and Hooks pleads for his life and Peter spares his life on one condention forcing Hook to say hes a codfish and he does and Wendy John Michael Lostboys Rocky and Bullwinkle start calling him that and the Croc dances along with it than Hook tries to kill Peter but misses him and falls off the mast and into the Crocs mouth and the flag is tossed overboard with him Hook comes above the waves covered under the pirate flag but not seeing where hes going he runs back into the Crocs mouth and comes out with the clock and Hook throws the clock back into his mouth and the Croc gets a headache from swallowing the clock again but still chases after Hook and Hook holds the Crocs jaws open with his feet but the Croc sends Hook bobbing above the sea real fast the Croc chases Hook away from neverland and Smee and the crew follow and Boris and Natasha try to catch up by swimming after them and Peter is the ships new captain and Tinkerbell sprinkles fairy dust on the ship making it fly out of neverland into london and returns Wendy John and Michael home and returns Rocky and Bullwinkle to pennysvana and he the Lostboys and Tinkerbell head back to neverland and George and Mary return home from the party and they let Nana back in the house and John and Michael are tucked in bed and Wendy George Mary and Nana look at the ship in the sky the end

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