Rocky and Bullwinkle travel to baghdad and meet Tack a cobbler and encounter a sneaky greddy theif and discover Princess Yum Yum who is the kings daughter and the grand viser ZigZag who is loyal to the king but ZigZag has some evil plans in mind to rule the kingdom with his pet vulture Pheado and Boris and Natasha come to Zig Zags aid the next day ZigZag  announces the polo ball tournament during the tornament Tack meets Yum Yum and interdouces her to Rocky and Bullwinkle later in the palace Yum Yum takes a bath and the theif steals everything he can and Tack makes some clothes for Yum Yum and Rocky and Bullwinkle help out and Zig Zag ask the king if he can marry Yum Yum but the king says no afterwards ZigZag has a new plan he Pheado Boris and Natasha go deep into the dessert and meet King One Eye and tells him that he can charm beast and Boris and Natasha say that they can too and he has them thrown to the allligators much to Pheados delight but instead ZigZag Boris and Natasha use the alligators as a sleighride in the war and during the war Tack Yum Yum and Rocky and Bullwinkle battle King One Eyes army and ZigZag manages to capture Yum Yum but Tack stops him and Rocky and Bullwinkle catch Boris and Natasha and tie them up and ZigZag trips on a tack and falls into the alligator pit the alligators attack ZigZag and Pheado joins them and they devour ZigZag into peices and the Thief is also caughted and Yum Yum weds Tack and Rocky and Bullwinkle wave goodbye to them

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