In Florida, Mrs. Jumbo and Penny Peterson were waiting for Mrs. Jumbo's Baby, the stork delivers babies to tigers kangaroos giraffes and zebras but Mrs Jumbo does not get hers the next all the animals are headed on the train to build another circus tent and Rocky, Bullwinkle, Peabody, Sherman Dudley Do Right and Karen Sympathy arrive on hot air baloon and join the circus animals and they meet Mrs Jumbo and they also meet Penny Peterson. and the stork delivers the baby to Mrs Jumbo and flies away but due to his big ears he is called Dumbo and the elephants start laughing and Mrs Jumbo shuts them up back behind the train that night the circus tent is being built the lions the tigers the kangaroos the bears and apes are ready for action and Mrs Jumbo is giving Dumbo a bath and a crowd comes by and a boy named Skinny makes fun of Dumbo but Mrs Jumbo spanks Skinny with her trunk and rampages the circus and the Ringmaster orders his clowns to chain her up and put her in solitary confinment and later Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right Karen Sympathy with Penny Peterson start to feel sorry for Dumbo and they meet Timothy Q Mouse who scares the other elephants for mistreating Dumbo and Timothy has a plan to make Dumbo a circus star that night Timothy conveinces the Ringmaster to make Dumbo the worlds greatest circus star on earth and he agrees and during the show Dumbo ends up making a fool of himself shooting down the elephants and during another circus perfomance the tent gets burned down the other night the clowns talk about how they made a fool of Dumbo the next night Timothy Q Mouse gets Dumbo washed up and Rocky Bullwinkle ? Peabody Sherman Dudley Do ? Right Karen Sympathy and Penny Peterson take Dumbo to meet Mrs Jumbo who rocks her baby in her trunk and the other animals including the kamgaroos lions tigers bears giraffes zebras hyenas and monkeys also rock their babies after they exit they take a drink of water but later encounter monsters called the Pink Elephants that change shapes and sing horrified songs to them and skate on house in a pyramid taming a cobra and race cars on a telephone line is crows that look down on them Jim Crow their leader wakes them up but suddenly they discover that Dumbo can fly and when he starts flying during the next circus act he becomes the big star and the Ringmaster is impressed he releases Mrs Jumbo and renuites him with her son as for Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman Dudley Do Right Karen Sympathy and Penny Peterson to their adventures team they head on home the end

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