on a farm the roaster Chanteclear and the dog Patou and the magpipe Snipes and the mouse Peeble are celebrating goodtimes but the Grand Duke of owls overhearing this sends a bird to stop him but the bird is no match for Chanteclear but after the sun comes up without the aid of crowing they all mock afterwards Chanteclear feeling mistreated packs his bags and heads for the city and the Duke smiles knowing his plans have worked in a near by farm the story is being told to a young boy named Edmond by his mother and Rocky and Bullwinkle look for a place to stay at the farm but a storm comes and Edmond is too small to help he calls for Chanteclear and the Grand Duke changes Edmond into a cat and gets ready to devour him but Patoo the basid hound saves him and Rocky and Bullwinkle join him they also meet Peebles the Mouse and Snipes the Magpipe who accompany them on an adventure at the dark fortess the Duke plans to stop them with Boris and Natasha as his assistants and his nephew Hunch who he sends to follow them to stop them from reaching the city the owls attack them leading them down the drain pipe but the Duke knows that they are still alive and blames Hunch for failing him sending him to the city giving him glasses and Boris and Natasha assist Hunch on the misson

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