it is narrowed by a begger that lives in Saudia Arabia he tells the story in the dark dessert an evil sorcerer named Jafar and his parrot Iago have hired a sneaky dessert theif by the name of Gazeem Jafar tells Gazeem that he can have the rest of the treasure but the lamp is for Jafar Gazeem enters the cave of wonders but the cave devours him knowing that he is unworthy but Boris and Natasha land out of the rocket and into the dessert after being defeated in france they allie with Jafar and Iago to find the diamond in the rough in a city called agrabah is a street rat named Aladdin with his monkey Abu are being chased by palace gaurds and Rocky and Bullwinkle enter Agrabah and meet and Aladdin and Abu after rescuing them from the palace gaurds they become friends but a mean prince comes by and is ready to wed the princess but palace tiger scares him out and the Sultan talks to his daughter Jasmine but Jasmine wants to escape palace life and see the world and not people decide who she should marry but Jafar meets the Sultan and the Sultan gives Iago a cracker and Jafar hypnotizes the Sultan telling him to hand him the ring and the Sultan does and Iago spits out the cracker and Jafar shows the ring to Boris and Natasha and they enter his chamber but Jasmine disguises herself as a pesent and leaves the palace and when Aladdin Abu Rocky and Bullwinkle spot Aladdin becomes lovestruck and Aladdin saves Jasmine from the fruitseller back at the palace Jafar Iago Boris and Natasha try to find the diamond in the rough and it turns out to be Aladdin and Jafar sends the palace gaurds out to capture him in the market place Aladdin and Jasmine kind of get to know each other the palace gaurds capture Aladdin Rocky and Bullwinkle but Abu escaped and Jasmine reveals that shes the princess and orders Razoul to release them Razoul reminds Jasmine that his orders come from Jafar and that she will have talk about it with him and Jasmine agrees to do it and Jasmine tells Jafar that the guards kidnapped Aladdin Rocky and Bullwinkle under his orders and Jafar says that they are to be exicuted and Jasmine runs off crying and Jafar changes himself into a hideous old man and hides in the dungeon but Abu frees Aladdin Rocky and Bullwinkle from the dungeon and an old man leads them out to the cave of wonders and tells Aladdin to bring him the lamp and he shall have his reward they enter the cave and they find a magic carpet that leads them to the lamp Aladdin takes the lamp but when Abu touches forbidden treasure the cave erupts creating lava Aladdin hands the old man the lamp and the old man than tries to kill him but Abu bites him and takes the lamp and they fall back into the cave and Jafar rips off his disguise but sees that hes does not have the lamp back at the palace Jasmine starts crying and the Sultan tells her he will settle the whole thing tomorrow and in the cave Aladdin rubs the lamp and the Genie is released and he and the Carpet get Aladdin Abu Rocky and Bullwinkle out of the cave at the palace the Sultan tells Jafar that he is to discuss the prisoners with him before exicution and Jafar says it wont happen again and the Sultan follows Jasmine out to the courtyard and Iago has an idea saying that Jafar should be Jasmines husband and rule Agrabah and Jafar likes the idea and so do Boris and Natasha meanwhile Genie takes Aladdin Abu Rocky Bullwinkle and the Carpet to an osasis and Aladdins first wish is to be a prince so Jasmine would want to marry him and Genie grants the wish and Aladdin is now Prince Ali and Abu is an elephant and Rocky and Bullwinkle are palace gaurds at the palace Jafar again hypnotises rhe Sultan telling him to force Jasmine to marry him but a parade arrives in Agrabah foiling Jafars plans and the Sultan meets Prince Ali but Jasmine is no prize to be won and Jafar has another plan and Genie Rocky and Bullwinkle suggest to Aladdin that he should tell Jasmine the truth but Aladdin refuses after that Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride and returns her to the palace but the gaurds tie Aladdin up and throw into the ocean but the Genies lamp is rubbed and his second wish is to be saved and Genie saves Aladdin and at the palace the Sultan tells Jasmine to wed Jafar but Aladdin shows up and breaks the curse after that the Sultan realises that Jafar has been tricking him the whole time and he places him under arrest but Jafar escapes but in the chamber Jafar Iago Boris and Natasha realise that Prince Ali is really Aladdin and has the lamp and they send Iago to fetch it but at the palace Aladdin is really sad and Genie ask him to wish him free but Aladdin cant do it and Genie goes back into his lamp and Abu and Carpet walk away and Rocky and Bullwinkle also feel sad but when Aladdin goes to meet Jasmine in the manassery Iago steals the lamp and presents it to Jafar Boris and Natasha and Jafar is Genies new master his first wish is to become sultan and he grants it and now that Jafar is sultan he interdouces Boris and Natasha who finally get their revange on Rocky and Bullwinkle and he changes Rajah into a tiger cub and turns Abu back into a monkey and turns Prince Ali back into Aladdin and he sends Aladdin Abu Carpet Rocky and Bullwinkle to the end of the earth and takes over the kingdom at the end of the earth Aladdin Abu Carpet Rocky and Bullwinkle head back to Agrabah to set things right at the palace Jafar has taken over and the Sultan is being fed crackers by Iago and Boris and Natasha have their own thornes and Jasmine is Jafars love slave and the Genie is tortured but Aladdin Abu Carpet Rocky and Bullwinkle return to the palace and Aladdin fights Jafar and Rocky and Bullwinkle fight Boris and Natasha and Jafar changes into an evil giant snake and wraps his coils around Aladdin but Aladdin has an idea he tricks Jafar into wishing himself into a genie as a geine Jafar is an evil red djinn thinking has the whole universe under his power but all genies share the same fate he rubs the lamp and Jafar is sucked into it and he takes Iago with him and the spell is broken Rajah Abu and Carpet are back to normal and Genie throws Jafars lamp out into the dessert and sends Boris and Natasha to jail and Aladdin frees the Genie and the Sultan changes the law and lets Jasmine wed Aladdin and Genie goes on vacation and Rocky and Bullwinkle go back to their own home and Aladdin and Jasmine have a magic carpet ride the end

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