in heaven Charlie and Carface are waiting in line and Itchy arrives in heaven too after choking on a bone and is reunited with Charlie but Charlie wants adventure on earth again later Carface steals Gabriels Horn but accidentaly drops it out of heaven and goes after it and lands in San Fransico and he meets a hellish cat named Red who he trades his soul for his collar to visible to the world again and Annabelle sends Charlie and Itchy on a misson to retrive the horn before it falls into the wrong hands they exit heaven and end up in san fansico and meet their old pals Rocky and Bullwinkle again and they find a bar where Charlie falls in love with a irish setter named Sasha and Carface informs them that they can be visible by getting themselves collars they meet a dog named Red that gives them collars and when they leave Red reveals to be a hell cat and he has hired Boris and Natasha to cowork with Carface on the scheme to steal gabriels horn and send all dogs to hell on the street Charlie Itchy Rocky and Bullwinkle meet Sasha who has an owner named David who ran away from home and feed him food from the restraunt and later Carface Red Boris and Natasha hang out in lighthouse to talk about their plans later Charlie Itchy Sasha David Rocky and Bullwinkle hunt for the horn but later they make David a famous magican and they find the horn but Charlies and Itchys collar runs out they later return to Red for more collars and Red gives them some and Charlie Itchy Rocky and Bullwinkle get the horn but Carface takes it instead and gives it to Red and Red blows the horn sucking the dogs out of heaven and Boris and Natasha watch grimly and Red laughs evil and scary and Rocky Itchy David and Sasha feel scared but Charlie has a plan he tricks Red into handing over Gabriels Horn and Red is sucked into hell and the dogs are back in heaven peafully and Carface tries to redeem telling them he was only tricking Red but Red reveals to them that Carface sold him his soul and takes him to hell with him and Rocky and Bullwinkle send Boris and Natasha to the moon and the horn is returned safely to heaven and Itchy stays in heaven with Annabelle while Charlie finds his home with Sasha and David and Rocky and Bullwinkle take a bus home the end

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