Rocky and Bullwinkle travel to russia and meet a family of mouse Papa Mouse Mama Mouse Fievel and Tanya and their baby sibling who tells them a story of the giant mouse monster that scares the cats away and of america but their home is attacked by vicous cats are later forced to go out at sea on the boat on the sea Feivel watches fish but when the hurricane comes Fievel is sucked out into sea and the waves form a giant monster Papa Mouse along with Rocky and Bullwinkle try to save him but get separeted and Fievel is washed upon new york and meets a bird that tells him to never say never and he takes him to a house that belongs to Warren T Rat with his insect companon a cockroach named Digit that share the money and they earn Fievels trust but instead of taking Fievel back to his family they take him to sweat shop and have him work for the monsterous rat named Moe but Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive just in time to save him they sneak him out and on the way they meet Tony a streetwise mouse and befriend him Tony is also in loved with a girl mouse named Bridget and they take care of Fievel and Fievel walking off by a school watches the pledging but is chased by a school rat later Fievel falls into a sewer and looks around but encounters filthy roachs that get eaten by a mutent and he locates the cats hideout and discover that Warren T Rat is a cat not a rat but for trying to snitch on him he has Fievel thrown in a cage but Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive and are confronted by Tiger who is actually a friendly cat him and Fievel becomes buddies and he helps Rocky and Bullwinkle rescue Fievel and Warren T Cat kicks him out of the club and they enter the city again

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