in medevil france in a nice and shiny castle lived Prince Adam he had everything his heart disired allthough the prince was spoiled selfish and unkind one winters night an old begger woman came to his castle an asked for shelter from the bitter cold and as a reward she would offer him a rose but deceived by her hagger appearance the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old women away but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances for true beauty lies with in and when he dismissed her again the old woman transformed from a hag into a beautiful enchantress the prince tried to apologize but it was too late she saw no love in his heart as punishment she changed him into hideous horned beast and turned his servents into objects and bewitched his castle turning the angel statue into monsterous demons she left the castle and the Beast concealed himself inside the west wing straching up the picture of him as a human prince and the enchantress left behind a rose and a magic mirror for the window to his outside world to break the spell he must love another person and get their love in return if not he will remain a beast permanently as years went by the Beast allowed no vistors at the castle becuase who could ever love a beast but in a village near a cottage was a girl named Belle who went walking into town but she was differant from the other people she went to her favorite place the bookshop and the bookseller let her keep the book she really liked meanwhile Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive in france and take a look around the village to find some interesting stuff and they spot Belle and decide to go meet her but they hear gunshots geese have been shot by the local town hero Gaston along with his lackey Lefou Gaston is also in loved with Belle and plans to marry her but Gaston also attracks a girl trio called the bimbettes but he takes no notice to them after the singing is over Rocky and Bullwinkle finally meet Belle and become her friends but Gaston steps out infront of them and tells Belle to get her head out of books and pay more atteinton to him unknown to the both of them Boris and Natasha also arrive in france plotting to capture Rocky and Bullwinkle Belle takes Rocky and Bullwinkle to the cottage and interdouces them to her father Maurice who is an inventor after finishing his latest invention Maurice gets on the horse Phillip and heads for the fair but he gets lost in the woods on the way bats fly out of the tree and Phillip runs off and Maurice is attacked hungry wolves but he escapes the wolves and comes upon a dark and dreaded castle he enters the castle and meets Lumiare a candle and Cogsworth a clock and teapot named Mrs Potts and a teacup named Chip but a monsterous ferouios Beast grabs Maurice and locks him away in the dungeon back at the village Gaston has wedding planned for him and Belle he enters the cottage and talks to Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle about his marraige and his fatherhood training his sons to be hunters just like him and then he ask Belle to marry him but Belle refuses and when Gaston leads foward to kiss Belle she opens the door and Gaston falls out into the mud and Bullwinkle tosses his boots out with him and Lefou ask how it went but Gaston refuses to give up he still wants Belle for his wife and walks away but Boris and Natasha overhear it and they decieded to go cheer Gaston up and they follow him to the tavern and Belle comes out of hiding knowing that there is no sign of Gaston and Rocky is disgusted that Gaston asked Belle to marry him and Bullwinkle feels sick about it and Belle hopes to find someone that understands her pretty soon but Phillip returns and Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle see that Maurice is not with him Phillip takes Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle to the dark castle on the woods they enter the castle and find Maurice locked in the dungeon they try to help him out but the Beast catches them and Belle agrees to take her fathers place and Rocky and Bullwinkle decide to stay with Belle and the Beast agrees and he releases Maurice and sends him back to the village and Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle start crying and Lumiare suggest to the Beast to offer Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle a better room and he does he lets them out of the dungeon and warns them not to enter the westwing and to join him for dinner back at the village in the tavern Gaston is depressed after being rejected by Belle and Boris and Natasha enter the tavern and join Lefou and other cronies into cheering Gaston up after that Gaston makes Boris and Natasha his new buddies and offers them some bevarages but Maurice storms into the tavern and tells everyone that a Beast has Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle locked in a dungeon but they dont believe him instead they think hes crazy and throw out into the blizzard after that Gaston becomes a villain and has a plot on blackmailing Belle into marrying him and Boris and Natasha join in on the scheme knowing that it includes Rocky and Bullwinkle at the castle Mrs Potts and Chip offer Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle some tea but they refuse to join the Beast for dinner and the Beast states that if they dont eat with him then they dont eat at all and is worried knowing that the spell will never be broken later Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle get hungry and head for the kitchen and Lumiare entertains them after dinner they decide to look around the castle but they enter the west wing and find some torn up stuff including a picture of the beast as a human prince and look at the rose but the Beast frightens them out and they decide to leave the castle promise or no promise as they exit the castle they get on Phillip and ride off into the woods but they are attacked by hungry wolves but the Beast rescues them and fights away the wolves but is badly wounded so Belle Rocky and Bullwinkle take the Beast back to the castle and attend to his wounds back at the village in the tavern Gaston Lefou Boris and Natasha meet a greedy and sinister assylum owner by the name of Monseur D - arque they ask him to throw Belles father along with Rocky and Bullwinkle into the assylum unless Belle agrees to marry Gaston and he loves their plans and agrees to do it but Maurice sets out to rescue them unware of Gastons plans Gaston Lefou Boris and Natasha enter the cottage seeing that Belle Maurice Rocky and Bullwinkle are not in there they leave Lefou to keep watch for them and they head out on the madhouse coach back at the castle the Beast is now a good guy and he shows Belle to his liberay and lets her keep all the books meanwhile Rocky and Bullwinkle help the objects tidy up the place and Belle and the Beast have a romantic ballroom dance and Belle wishes to see her father again and the Beast lets Belle look at his magic mirror which shows Maurice trapped in a snow storm he decides to let Belle to rescue him setting her free and gives her the mirror to remember him by and allows Rocky and Bullwinkle to go with her and they do they exit the castle on Phillip and rescue Maurice from the snow storm and Lefou sees them and runs off to tell the others about it they nurse Maurice back to health but Monseaur D arque arrives at the cottage with an angry mob to collect her father by putting him in the assylum and Boris and Natasha arrive ready to throw Rocky and Bullwinkle in they order some canada gaurds that grab a hold of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Gaston watches as things are going well according to his plan and later they grab Maurice and get ready to toss him in the asslyum and Gaston tells Belle that he will call the whole thing off if she agrees to marry him but she still refuses knowing that this was his entire scheme she proves her father sane by showing them a picture of the Beast in the mirror and tells them that the Beast is friendly but Gaston becomes jealous knowing that Belle is in loved with the Beast and not him he convences the town that the Beast is a bloodthirsty monster that must be slain at once he locks Belle Maurice Rocky and Bullwinkle in the celler and rounds up the mob and heads for the woods and Boris and Natasha join Gaston Lefou and the Mob and head out into the woods and chop down trees and head for the castle in the castle Lumiare Cogsworth and Mrs Potts spot Gaston Lefou the Mob Boris and Natasha at the draw bridge and round up the other objects for a battle and when the mob enter the castle the objects fight them and win but Gaston desserts the fight and runs upstairs to look for the Beast and Boris and Natasha follow him upstairs so they can watch the battle and Chip frees Belle Maurice Rocky and Bullwinkle from the celler and they head to the castle and Lefou tries to melt Lumaires face with a torch but Cogsworth slides down the railing and pokes Lefou in the butt with scizzors and Lumiare joins in the fight and burns the mob and Lefou and the Mob chase Footstool around the castle but the Stove frightens Lefou and the Mob out of the castle and the objects won the fight but Gaston finds the Beast in the westwing and fires an arrow into him and pushes him out the window provoking him to fight back but when Belle Maurice Rocky Bullwinkle Chip and Phillip return the Beast fights Gaston on the balcony and grabs Gaston by his throat threating to throw him off the roof but Gaston pleads for mercy and the Beast spares him his life and warns him not to come to his castle again and he is reunited with Belle but Gaston does not admit defeat instead Gaston sneaks up and stabs the Beast in the back with his dagger but after that Gaston looses his ballance and falls off the balcony to his death after that Boris and Natasha become angry with Gastons death and Rocky Bullwinkle order Boris and Natasha to leave the castle but they refuse as for that Rocky and Bullwinkle tie Boris and Natasha to a rocket and send them away to mars but the Beast is badly wounded and dies Belle starts crying so do Rocky and Bullwinkle Lumaire Cogsworth and Mrs Potts and Belle tells the Beast that she loves him and it breaks the spell the Beast is changed back into Prince Adam and the objects are human again and the castle is no longer bewitched and the demon statues are turned back into holy angels and Belle marries Prince Adam and Rocky and Bullwinkle bid them goodbye knowing they will meet them again and they head back to pennyvana the end

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