Rocky and Bullwinkle return to france to Prince Adams castle to celebrate Christmas and they listen to stories from Belle Lumiare Cogsworth and Mrs Potts on how christmas came to be in the castle in flashback it shows Belle and Beast having a good time in the snow waiting for christmas to come and Rocky and Bullwinkle help the objects decorate the castle with christmas merchendise but the evil pipe organ Forte is plotting to ruin christmas and use the Beast to do it after Belle makes a christmas angel the Beast roars in rage and goes into the castle and talks with Forte on how he hates christmas later Rocky and Bullwinkle help Belle prepare chrismas dinner and presents for the Beast and the go into the woods but after the Beast hears about it he goes after them in the forest Belle the objects and Rocky and Bullwinkle encounter an iced lake and Belle falls in it but the Beast rescues Belle and after that he throws Belle in the dungeon as punishment for not staying in the castle later Forte congraultes the Beast on what happened but the Beast than feels terrible for locking Belle in his dungeon and releasies that Belle has wrapped him a book up for christmas meanwhile Lumiere Cogsworth Mrs Potts Chip and Rocky and Bullwinkle visit Belle in the dungeon and the Beast releases them and apologizing for they way he treated them and battles Forte during the battle Forte seems to be too strong for the Beast but the Beast manages to destroy Forte completely and saves christmas after the story ends Rocky and Bullwinkle thank Prince Adam and Princess Belle for the feast and return home the end

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