in antarica a penguin named Hubie is in loved with Marina he later meets Rocky and Bullwinkle who travel to antartica on a boat but an evil king penguin named Drake also wants to marry Marina and Boris and Natasha assist Drake on it and Drake throws Hubie in the ocean and Boris and Natasha toss Rocky and Bullwinkle in with him and a leopard seal attacks them but they escape the leopard seal and meet a rockhopper penguin named Rocko who breaks them out of their cages back in antartica Drake persaudes Marina to marry him but she refuses saying she is in love with Hubie but Boris and Natasha inform her that Hubie has been devoured by a leopard seal later they join Rocko on a sea adventure encountering killer whales but they escape the killer whales but the leopard seal attacks them but they knock the leopard seal out killing him and Hubie returns and battles Drake Rocky and Bullwinkle fight Boris and Natasha and headbutt them into the ice cold water and Drake jumps at Hubie but than gets crushed by the artic rocks killing him and Hubie is reuinted with Marina and Rocko lears to fly and Rocky and Bullwinkle wave goodbye to them the end

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