Rocky Bullwinkle Peabody Sherman and Dudley Do Right travel to medeveil scotland and meet Princess Irenie and Bullwinkle plays with her cat Turnip but evil creatures attack them but a boy named Curdie scares them off with singing and Irene thanks Curdie wanting to kiss him but is called back to the castle by Loutie her nanny and Rocky decides to go to the castle with Irenie while Bullwinkle stays with Curdie at the castle Loutie warns Irenie not to run off again meanwhile Irenie Rocky and Turnip meet a wise woman named Great Grandmother who shows them yarn and ribbons by the pigeons that enter the castle meanwhile Curdie and Bullwinkle enter the forest to the mountains in the mines in the mountains they enter the goblin city and Bullwinkle remembers this from his visit at  middle earth but as soon as they reach the throne room the goblin queen  has a councel

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