once upon a time long time ago in france in shiny castle lived Prince Adam he had his thrown and servents who assisted him but he was selfish and spoiled and unkind but one winters night an old begger woman came to the castle and asked for shelter from the bitter cold and she offered him a rose in exchange for helping her but deceived by her hagger appearance the Prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away but she warned him not to be deceived by appearance for true beauty lies within and when he dismissed her again she changed from a hag into a beautful enchantress Adam tried to apologize but it was too late she saw no love in his heart to punish him she changed him into an evil monsterous horned beast and bewitched his castle making it haunted and dark turning his servents into objects changing the angel statues into monsterous demons ashamed of his monsterous appearance the beast allowed no visitors at his castle in the west wing he clawed up a picture of him as the human Prince Adam and left behind was an enchanted rose that would bloom untill his 21st birthday and a mirror to look at the world outside he can only break the spell if he learns to love another person and get that persons love in return but if not he will remain a beast forever in a nearby french village lived a girl named Belle who entered the town and greeted all the people around she stopped to talk to the baker and told him that she was headed to the bookshop walking on she is seen strange by the other town people on a hot air baloon the Smurfs arrive and decide to take a look around the village  Belle than buys her book and walks around the village and reads it by the fountain to a flock of sheep the Smurfs than decide to go meet Belle but they hear gunshots the local town hero Gaston and his pal Lefou are shooting geese and Lefou explains to Gaston that he is the worlds greatest hunter and Gaston has a crush on Belle and plans to make her his future wife but he also attracks the attention of a girl trio called the Bimbettes who have a massive crush on him but he ignores them and runs to talk to Belle and Lefou follows after the singing is over the Smurfs finally meet Belle but Gaston steps infront of them and takes Belles book throwing it in the mud telling Belle to spend more time with him and the Bimbettes fall with love in their hearts but unkown to everyone in town the evil wizard Gargamel arrives in france with his cat Azrael and has plans to trap the Smurfs and Belle tells Gaston that she has got to go home and help her father and Gaston and Lefou start laughing calling her father crazy but the Smurfs get offended by their humor and so does Belle and they tell them not to speak od her father that way Gaston agrees and conks Lefou on the head but after the explosion is heard at the cottage the Smurfs follow Belle over there and Gaston and Lefou continue laughing and Gargamel thinks fast on Gastons stupidity meanwhile Belle and the Smurfs enter the cottage and they meet her father Maurice who is an inventor working on his latest invention and Belle ask Maurice if he thinks shes odd and has nobody to talk to and Maurice ask if Gaston is the right guy for her but Belle has no inetrest in Gaston and the Smurfs agree saying that he is a jerk and an idiot but Maurice plans to make life better for the both of them and his invention is finally finished Belle and the Smurfs stay at the cottage and Maurice heads out on the horse Phillip and rides to the fair but instead he gets lost in the dark and scary woods and bats fly out of a nearby tree and Phillip runs off leaving Maurice behind and a pack of wolves attack him but he escapes the wolves and enters a dark and bewitched castle inside he meets a candle named Lumiere and a clock named Cogsworth and a teapot named Mrs Potts and a teacup named Chip but a monsterous beast grabs him and throws him in the dungeon back at the village Gaston has a wedding proposed to Belle and he tells Lefou to direct the band after him and Belle come out the door in the cottage Belle is reading her new book to the Smurfs but Gaston enters and tells Belle of his fatherhood after marrying his wife he even takes his boots off lays them on the table and his sons who he will raise to be great hunters like their dad and than he ask Belle to marry him but Belle refuses leaning towards the door to kiss Belle she opens it and Gaston falls into the mud puddle and Hefty Smurf throws his boots out with him and Lefou ask how it went and Gaston grabs Lefou and he does not give up he stills wants Belle as his bride and he drops Lefou in the mud and walks away Gargamel after seeing him being rejected decides to cheer him up and Belle seeing no sign of Gaston anywhere hopes one day to find someone who understands her but Phillip returns but is without Maurice he takes Belle and the Smurfs to the dark castle they enter and search for Maurice they find in the dungeon but the Beast catches them and they tell him that they will take his place and the Beast agrees and throws Maurice out of the dungeon and later offers them a better room and reminds them to join him for dinner at the village in the tavern Gaston is depressed from being rejected by Belle and Gargamel and Azrael enter the tavern and join Lefou and the other townsfolk into cheering up Gaston afterwards Gaston makes Gargamel his new pal and offers him some bevarages and Gargamel tell Gaston not to give up on his dream of marrying Belle but Maurice storms in and tells them that a vicous man eating Beast has Belle and the Smurfs locked in his dungeon but they dont beleive him instead and they laugh and mock him and toss him out in the blizzard but after hearing on Maurice being crazy Gaston becomes a villain and thinks of a plan to black mail Belle into being his wife and he whispers it to Lefou and Gargamel and Azrael pericipate in the scheme knowing it includes the Smurfs at the castle Mrs Potts offers Belle and the Smurfs a cup of tea but they refuse to join the Beast for dinner and the Beast is losing pateints and Lumeire Cogsworth and Mrs Potts inform him to control his temper but the Beast storms upstairs and orders them  to come down but they refuse and he says that if they do not eat with him than they do not eat at all and he storms into the westwing thinking that they will only see him as a monster later Belle and the Smurfs enter the kitchen and decide to have dinner and Lumiere sings to them after dinner they want a tour of the castle Lumiere and Cogsworth tells them of the garden and liberary  but instead they enter the west wing and look around inside and find the enchanted rose but they are spotted by the Beast who frightens them out  they leave the castle and head for the villagr but wolves attack them and the Beast fights off the wolves but gets badly wounded and they him back to the castle and attend to his wounds meanehile at the village in the tavern Gaston Lefou Gargamel and Azrael invite a greedy sinister and ruthless madhouse owner named Monseur Darque and Gaston throws him a bag of coins and tells him that he has his heart set on marrying Belle but she needs persuation and Lefou remarks that she turned him down flat and laughs but Gaston hits Lefou on the head and says that her father Maurice is a lunatic and that he was in the tavern tonight raving about a beast in a castle Monseur Darque says that Maurice is harmless but Gaston informs that Belle would do anything to keep her father from being locked up and Gargamel tells him that there are smurfs as well and to throw the smurfs in with Maurice unless Belle agrees to marry Gaston and Monseur Darque loves their plans and agrees to do it meanwhile Maurice packs his stuff and sets out to rescue them unaware of Gastons plans and Gaston Lefou Gargamel and Azreal enter the cottage but they find that Belle Maurice and the Smurfs are not home and Lefou laughs thinking that their plans wont work after all but Gaston grabs Lefou by his neck telling him that they will return and when they do he will be ready for them and drops Lefou in the snow reminding him to stay there untill they return  and Gargamel reminds Lefou to keep a lookout for them and let him and Gaston known when theyre back and leaves Azrael  to stand like a statue and keep watch with Lefou and Gargamel goes with Gaston on the madhouse coach and Lefou says nuts and hits the snow with his fist causing an avalanch to fall on him and Azreal laughs at him back at the castle Belle and Phillip ride in the snow and the Smurfs have their own snowball fight and the Beast is good now and he offers Belle his liberary and has dinner with her and a snowball fight with her and Belle reads the Beast a book meanwhile the Smurfs help the objects tidy up the castle and the Beast has a bath and a ballroom dance with Belle but Belle wishes to see Maurice again and the Beast shows her his mirror which will show her anything she wishes to see and its her father its shows her father trapped in a blizzard and the Beast releases Belle offering her a chance to go to him and gives her the mirror and he grants the Smurfs permisson to accompany her and they accompany Belle on Phillip and exit the castle and find Maurice and take him back home and Lefou and Azrael spot them and run off and tell Gaston Gargamel and the mob that they returned and they round an angry mob they take Maurice into the cottage and nurse him back to health and tell him that the Beast has changed but Chip has managed to stow away with them in Belles bag but Monseur Darque arrives with angry mob ready to collect Maurice and Gargamel arrives ready to collect the Smurfs and Gaston watches in the shadows knowing things are going well according his plans and Lefou tricks Maurice into telling them how big the Beast was afterwards they call him crazy and Gargamel orders his henchmen  to seize Maurice and thrown him in the assylum along with the Smurfs and Gaston tells Belle that he will clear everything up if she decides to marry him but she still refuses knowing that Gaston planned it Belle manages to prove her father sane by revealing the existance of the Beast in the mirror to entire town and they become frightened even Gargamel and Azreal get scared but Belle tells them that the Beast is friendly but Gaston becomes jealous and steals Belles mirror and conveinces the entire village that the Beast is a furouis man eating creature that must be killed at once he throws Belle Maurice and the Smurfs in the celler and locks them away and rounds up the mob Gargamel and Azreal join Gaston Lefou and the mob and bring torches and axes and head into the woods after they leave Chip intends to use Maurices invention to free them the mob enters the woods and chops down the trees and enters the drawbridge of the castle inside Lumiere Cogsworth and Mrs Potts start thinking that they wont return but they spot the mob on the drawbridge that are ready to break into the castle they round up the other objects to keep them out Mrs Potts warns the Beast about it but the Beast does not care nomore he decides to let them come but the objects cant keep them out so Lumiere has a plan afterwards the mob breaks into the castle and Lumiere signals them and the objects fight the mob assulting them and Gaston runs up stairs to search for the Beast and Gargamel and Azrael follow him and Chip frees Belle Maurice and the Smurfs from the celler and they head on Phillip back to the castle at the castlr objects attack the mob pushing them down and Mrs Potts and the teacups spill hot tea on the woodchopper and Wardrobe dives on top of a villagers upstairs Gaston searches every room for the Beast but keeps looking and Gargamel and Azrael do their own searching but cant find him and the Wardrobe makes an ugly lady out of the man and Lefou tries to melt Lumiere with the torch but before he can Cogsworth slides down the railing and pokes Lefou in the butt with scizzors and Fife is being attacked by another villagers but Lumiere sets him on fire and rescues Fife but Lefou and the mob chase Footstool around the castle but the Stove turns on and frightens Lefou and the Mob out of the castle but Gaston finds the Beast in the wing west and fires an arrow into him and pushes out the window and gets ready to smite him but Belle and others return and the Beast battles Gaston on top of the castle during the battle Gaston figures out that the Beast is in love with Belle and threatens to kill the Beast make Belle his wife but the Beast ambushes Gaston from behind and threatens to throw him off the balcony Gaston pleads for mercy and the Beast spares his life warning him  to leave and is reunited with Belle but Gaston refuses to admit defeat he sneaks up on the Beast and stabs him with his dagger but afterwards Gaston loses his  balance and falls backwards to his death and Gargamel is mad that Gaston had died but the Smurfs catch Gargamel inside the westwing and tie him and Azrael up and send them away to the moon but the Beast is badly wounded and dies and Belle starts crying so do Lumiere Cogsworth and Mrs Potts and the Smurfs are sad too and Belle whispers to the Beast she loves him and the spell is broken the Beast is changed back into Prince Adam the castle is no longer bewitched the demon statues are holy angels again and the objects are human once more and Belle and Adam have a ballroom dance and Lumiere and Cogsworth look on and Maurice Mrs Potts and Chip are happy too and the Smurfs tell Belle and Adam goodbye hoping to meet them again and head back to Smurf Village the end

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