Snow Lioness and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow Lioness and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow Lioness and the Seven Dwarfs is the fourth crossover films made by FantasyFilms2011 and LionheartCaptain. It premeired on YouTube in September 2010.


Once upon a time, a beautiful princess named Bruma ran away from her wicked and jealous step-mother, Queen Zira, and went to live a small cottage with seven (or rather nine) animals. When Zira tricks her into taking a bite from a poisoned apple, will a kiss from Prince Tigger awaken her?


  • Snow White - Bruma from "El Arca de Noe"
  • The Seven Dwarfs - The animals from "Tinga Tinga Tales"
  • Wicked Queen - Zira from "The Lion King 2"
  • Prince Charming - Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh"
  • Huntsmen - Casey from "G. E. Predators"
  • Notable Cameos - Bambi, Thumper


  • This crossover uses the "Story of Snow White" by DISNEYLAND records and the orchestra performance conducted by Erich Kunzel.
  • This is the last crossover film to be made under the name of Lionheart Fantasy Films
  • Originally planned for release in November 2010, "Snow Lioness" was completed in just 2 days and uploaded in September 2010 instead.

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