Spongebob and friends meet Hercules and face the villain leage, and the imfamous lord of the dead, and ruler of the underworlds, Hades.


  • At Mount Olympus, the Shell Louge Squad, with Tulio and Miguel leading, sings It's Tough To Be A God from The Road to El Dorado movie.
  • In the scene at the plaza, Miguel and Tulio "mingle with the locals". During their mingling, they gain a map, which Miguel believes it will lead them to where Merlin is resideing in. After gaining the map, they run into a bull, who runs into Hercules, making the plaza go to pieces. After that scene, Skipper says that the bull was because Tulio and Miguel's mingling had "gone sour." Miguel still says that the map will guide them to where Merlin is, Tulio says, "You're sure that the bull didn't hit you hard at all?" thinking that the bull attack had made him go insane.
  • the Hyenas are absent in this cause at first, Supervideomaniac/Scroopfan wasn't at first into this and when he was finally considering this project at all via request, he was too late and just plain considerate to let the Hyenas take place as villains in Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures of Hercules.

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