The FT Squad Meets Mulan

The FT Squad Meets Mulan

The FT Squad Meets Mulan is the thirteenth and season one finale in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. The movie will most likely appear on YouTube sometime in the distant future since it's the final episode in season 1.

In this episode, the FT Squad, now in China, must now go with Mulan to join the Chinese military to defend the country that is being invaded by the huns led by Shan Yu. To the squad's surprise, they meet someone they never expected to see, Colonel Hathi. Together with their fellow soldiers, they must take the fight to the huns and protect China at any cost.


  • This is the final season 1 episode in the series.
  • Colonel Hathi, along with soldiers, Yao, Ling and Chien Po, join the FT squad as travelling allies after this adventure.
  • Colonel Hathi is revealed to be an old Future Time Travel authority in this episode, though in The FT Squad's Adventures in The Jungle Book, an episode that's earlier, Colonel Hathi shows support towards Kyle and his fellow FT Squad members.

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