The FT Squad Meets Pocahontas

The FT Squad Meets Pocahontas

The FT Squad Meets Pocahontas is the eighteenth episode in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It is one of the few episodes where the adventure is one of the few, if not only, ones based on an American legend.


The FT Squad travels to Virginia where they meet a Native American community and meet Pocahontas, the daughter ofChief Powhatan. It turns out being a peaceful trip until the arrival of a group of settlers from England, led by Governor Ratcliffe, who are in search of new land, and gold. The Native Americans find these men dangerous and therefore declare war on them. But Pocahontas and English man John Smith fall in love and realize that both sides can compromise. Together with the FT Squad, they must find a way to bring an end to the conflict before it gets nasty.


  • As mentioned above, this is one of the few, if not only, movies where the adventure is based off an American legend.
  • At first the Native Americans are wary of the FT Squad, but soon realize that they aren't threats to them and ask for their assistance against the English men.
  • Governor Ratcliffe is also aware of the squad's presence and sees them as a big threat in his ambition to achieve gold.

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