The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa is an american animated television series.
Timon and pumbaa-show


The show stars Timon, a meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog, both characters from the Disney animated film The Lion King and its sequels. Set after the events of the original film, the series involves the characters having misadventures in the jungle of Africa, as well as across the globe in various settings such as Canada, Britain, the United States and Spain. While the show focuses primarily on Timon and Pumbaa, it has four episodes centering on Rafiki and the hyena trio Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, which are under the names Rafiki Fables and The Laughing Hyenas, and two episodes centering on Zazu.


The series premiered on September 8, 1995, airing on Fridays on the syndicated block The Disney Afternoon. Eight days later, on September 16, the series also began airing on Saturday mornings on CBS. The show was one of the last Disney productions to air on CBS, which had a cross-promotion agreement with Disney, as Disney bought ABC in 1996, the same year that this show (and all other Disney properties still airing on CBS at the time) left the network. Also, in 1995, Westinghouse acquired CBS outright for $5.4 billion. As one of the major broadcasting group owners of commercial radio and television stations (as Group W) since 1920, Westinghouse sought to transition from a station operator into a major media company with its purchase of CBS. Music underscore by Stephen James Taylor featuring frequent use of a microtonal xylophone and pan pipes based on an African tribal tuning.

After the second season, Roberts Gannaway and Tony Craig, the series' producers and directors, left the show to work on 101 Dalmatians. The series then returned in 1998 for a 39-episode third season, with a change in writers and new directors. Since February 8, 2009 (after its final airing on the now-defunct Toon Disney), this show went off the air for three years. However, it returned to broadcast reruns on March 23, 2012 on Disney Junior.


  • Timon (voiced in early episodes by Nathan Lane, then by Kevin Schon or Quntion Flynn): One of the show's two main protagonists.
  • Pumbaa (voiced by Erine Sabella): One of the show's two main protagonists.

The Lion King alumni

The following characters from The Lion King movies appear in this series.

  • Simba (voiced by Cam Clarke): Best friend of Timon and Pumbaa, who is now King of the Pride Lands.
  • Rafiki (voiced by Robert Guillaume): A wise baboon who gives good advice and is occasionally the butt of jokes.
  • Zazu (voiced by Edward Hibbert): A pompous hornbill who works for Simba.
  • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (voiced by Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen and Jim Cummings): Three hyenas who are usually spending their time looking for food, though their attempts to get it tend to backfire.
  • Gopher (voiced by Jim Cummings): A mole, and chief lieutenant of Zazu.

Other characters

  • Quint (voiced by Corey Burton): Timon and Pumbaa's human archenemy and the main antagonist of the series. He is a man of many disguises and his role varies from episode to episode, from mildly bothersome antagonist to full villain.
  • Speedy the Snail (voiced by Corey Burton, in a manner similar to Bing Corsby): An easygoing blue snail who can talk and sing. Timon and Pumbaa originally planned to eat him, but ended up becoming friends with him instead. They often find themselves rushing to have to save Speedy from dangerous situations.
  • Fred (voiced by S. Scott Bullock): A meerkat who is an old friend of Timon. He loves to laugh and play around, as well as pulling practical jokes. He often uses Timon and Pumbaa as his victims, although they don't find his jokes very funny.
  • Boss Beaver (voiced by Brad Garrett): A stereotypical beaver whose life philosophy is the exact opposite of Hakuna Matata. He values hard work and is sometimes too harsh on his employees. He also emphasizes the importance of safe work conditions.
  • Irwin (voiced by Charlie Alder): A dimwitted, accident-prone penguin whose bad luck seems to be terribly contagious. Timon and Pumbaa became his friends after they were stranded in Antarctica and Irwin had two extra tickets to a cruise ship. They will try to avoid him at all costs.
  • Toucan Dan (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A criminal toucan, wanted by the police. He is known for being a convincing liar and impersonator and always manages to trick Timon and Pumbaa (or just Timon) into helping him.
  • Smolder the Bear (voiced by Jim Cummings): A large brown bear with a very short temperament who Timon and Pumbaa often run into. He can be quite menacing and dangerous, but at least one episode shows that deep inside he is a nice guy.
  • The Three Natives (voiced by Jeff Bennett): Three natives who are really university students. Their "chief" is also a university student, and usually precedes what he says with "Bungala bungala!"


Season 1 (Syndicated) (1995)

Timon is voiced by Nathan Lane & Quinton Flynn in this season.

  1. "Boara Boara/Saskatchewan Catch"
  2. "Kenya Be My Friend?/Rafiki Fables: Good Mousekeeping"
  3. "Never Everglades/The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose"
  4. "How to Beat the High Costa Rica/Swiss Missed"
  5. 'Uganda Be an Elephant/'To Kilimanjaro Bird
  6. French Fried/The Laughing Hyenas: Big Top Breakfast
  7. The Pain in Spain/Frantic Atlantic
  8. Tanzania Zany/Guatemala Malarkey
  9. Back Out in the Outback/Gabon with the Wind
  10. Timon's Time Togo/The Law of the Jungle
  11. Be More Pacific/Going Uruguay
  12. Yosemite Remedy/Rafiki Fables: The Sky Is Calling
  13. Mozam-Beaked/Ocean Commotion

Season 1 (CBS) (1995)

  1. Brazil Nuts/South Sea Sick/The Lion Sleep Tonight
  2. Yukon Con/Doubt of Africa
  3. Russia Hour/You Ghana Join the Club
  4. Rocky Mountian Lie/Amazon Quiver
  5. Madagascar About You/Turth or Zaire/Yummy Yummy Yummy
  6. Mojave Desserted/Rafiki Fables: Beauty and the Wildebeast
  7. Don't Break the China/The Laughing Hyenas: Can't Take A Yolk/Stand By Me
  8. Unlucky in Lesotho/Rafiki Fables: Rafiki's Apprentice
  9. Mombasa-In-Law/The Laughing Hyeans: TV Dinner
  10. Manhattan Mishap/Paraguay Parable
  11. Let's Serengeti Out of Here/Congo on Like This
  12. Okay Bayou?/Shake Your Dojibouti

Season 2 (Syndicated) (1996)

Kevin Schon, who sung the Timon and Pumbaa theme song "Hakuna Matata", voices Timon in this season and onwards.

  1. Palm Beached/Jamica Mistake?
  2. Oregon Astray/New Guinea Pig
  3. Klondike Con/Isle Finds Out
  4. Wide Awake in Wonderland/Zazu's Off-By One Day
  5. Africa-Dabra!/I Don't Bolivia
  6. Catch Me if You Kenya/Scent of the South
  7. Forbidden Pumbba/Washinton Applesause
  8. I Think I Canada/Zazu's Off Day Off
  9. Timon on the Range/The Man of the J.U.N.G.L.E.
  10. Maine-Ias/Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum
  11. Once Upon a Timon
  12. Home is Where the Hog is
  13. Bumble in the Jungle+Beethoven's Whiff/Mind Over Matterhorn

Season 2 (CBS) (1996)

  1. Isle of Manhood/Puttin' on the Brits
  2. Beetle Romania/Rumble in the Jungle
  3. Animal Barn/Roach Hotel
  4. Shopping Mauled/Library Brouhaha
  5. Monster Massachusetts/Handle with Caribbean
  6. Alcatraz Mataz/Oahu Wahoo
  7. Beast of Eden/Sense & Senegambia
  8. Rome Alone/Amusement Bark

Season 3 (Toon Disney) (1999)

From episode 47 onwards, the show was produced in Canada by Studio B Proudction for Walt Disney Television Animation. The episodes now open with the same title card that is used in "Catch Me If You Kenya". These episodes premiered on the now-defunct Toon Disney.

  1. Wiff/To Bee or Not To Bee
  2. Luck Be a Meerkat/Just When You Tought You'd Cuisine It All
  3. Lemonade Stand-Off/Big Jungle Game
  4. Boo Hoo Bouquet/Timon... Alone
  5. So Sumo Me/Now Museum Now You Don't
  6. Visiting Pig-nitarites/The Truth About Kats and Hogs
  7. Escape from Newark/Truth Be Told
  8. Throw Your Hog in the Ring/Slalom Problem
  9. Circus Jerks/Nest Best Thing
  10. Super Hog-O/Don't Have Vegas Idea
  11. Hot Enough For Ya?/Werehog of London
  12. Bigfoot, Littlebrain/Astor-Nots
  13. Robin Hoodwinked/Serengeti Wested
  14. All Pets Are Off/Boary Gloary Days
  15. Two for the Zoo/The Swine in the Stone
  16. You May Have Already Won Six Million Bakra/My Metor, My Friend
  17. Jungle Slickers/Don't Wake the Neighbear
  18. Recipe for Disaster/Going Over-Boar'd
  19. Ivy Beleaguered/Broadway Bound & Gagged
  20. Steel Hog/Dealer's Choice Cut
  21. Space Ham/You Bet Your Tuhkus
  22. No-Good Samaritan/Living De Nile
  23. One Tough Bug/Pirates of the Pumbzance
  24. Miss Perfect/Hakuna Matata U.
  25. Pig-Malion/Why No Rhino
  26. War Hogs/The Big No Sleep
  27. Command Scents/Mister Twister
  28. Don't Be Elfish/Lights Camera Traction
  29. The Running of the Bullies/Special Defects
  30. Wishy Washy/Ice Escapades
  31. Guru-Some/Jailhouse Shock
  32. Nearly Departed/Early Bird Watchers
  33. The Spy's the Limit/Ready, Aim, Fire
  34. Timoncchio/Ghost Boosters
  35. Stay Away from My Honey/Sitting Pretty Awful
  36. He's a Bad, Bad, Bad Sport/Dapper Duck Burgers
  37. It Runs Good/Hot Air Buffoons
  38. Timon in Love/Kahuna Potato
  39. Mook Island/Cliphangers

Home Video release

VHS releases

US releases

Six VHS cassettes containing 18 episodes of the series were released in the United States under the name Timon & Pumbaa's Wild Adventures.

  • Hangin' with Baby

"Never Everglades"

"To Kilimanjaro Bird"

"Rafiki Fables: Good Mousekeeping"

  • Grubs On!

"French Fried"

"Saskatchewan Catch"

"The Laughing Hyenas: Big Top Breakfast"

  • Ture Guts

"The Pain In Spain"

"How To Beat The High Costa Rica"

"The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose"

  • Don't Get Mad, Get Happy

"Yosemite Remedy"

"Kenya Be My Friend?"

"Rafiki Fables: The Sky Is Calling"

  • Live & Learn

"The Law Of The Jungle"

"Uganda Be An Elephant"

"Be More Pacific"

  • Quite Buggin' Me

"Frantic Atlantic"

"Swiss Missed"

"Going Uruguay"

European & Australian releases

Three VHS cassettes containing 21 episodes of the series were released in Europe and Australia, each containing six episodes and a music video. The first VHS, Around The World With Timon And Pumbaa, doubles as an OVA as it features an original story in which, after Pumbaa develops amnesia from a lightning strike, Timon tries to restore his friend's memory through the episodes featured on that video.

  • Around The World With Timon & Pumbaa

"Boara Boara" "Yukon Con" "Saskatchewan Catch" "Stand By Me" (music video episode) "Brazil Nuts" "Truth Or Zaire" "Never Everglades"

  • Dining Out With Timon & Pumbaa

"French Fried" "Russia Hour" "Swiss Missed" "To Kilimanjaro Bird" "Don't Break The China" "Rocky Mountain Lie" "Yummy Yummy Yummy" (music video episode)

  • On Holiday With Timon & Pumbaa

"Kenya Be My Friend?" "South Sea Sick" "Uganda Be An Elephant" "The Pain In Spain" "How To Beat The High Costa Rica" "You Ghana Join The Club" "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (music video episode)

DVD releases

Three DVDs containing 21 episodes of the series were released in Europe and Japan.

  • Around The World With Timon & Pumbaa

"Boara Boara" "Yukon Con" "Saskatchewan Catch" "Stand By Me" (music video episode) "Brazil Nuts" "Truth Or Zaire" "Never Everglades"

  • Dining Out With Timon & Pumbaa

"French Fried" "Russia Hour" "Swiss Missed" "To Kilimanjaro Bird" "Don't Break The China" "Rocky Mountain Lie" "Yummy Yummy Yummy" (music video episode)

  • On Holiday With Timon & Pumbaa

"Kenya Be My Friend?" "South Sea Sick" "Uganda Be An Elephant" "The Pain In Spain" "How To Beat The High Costa Rica" "You Ghana Join The Club" "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (music video episode)

To date, none of the series has yet been released on DVD in the United States.


  • Stand By Me
  • Yummy Yummy Yummy
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • Alone Together
  • Beethoven's Whiff
  • Bumble in the Jungle

Other Media

  • Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games

See Also

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