The New Adventures of Jenny Foxworth is an american television series based on 1988 Disney film Oliver and Company Features Shnookums and Meat A New Show is on Toon Disney.

The New Adventures of Jenny Foxworth


Jenny Foxworth

Jenny Foxworth is an Red-Haired Girl (voiced by Kath Souice) in New York City, Jenny Played his Piano Myself and Jenny Foxworth Falls in Love with a Boyfriend named Huey Whitney (voiced by Malachi Pearson) in School. But Jenny Spot it Jennifer Sussman (voiced by Sherry Lynn) and the Girls Name Debie (voiced by Debi Derryberry) and Marilyn Jennifer (voiced by Tara Strong) and to Have Some Fun with Huey Whitney and Jenny Foxworth in Love and Romanitc Time.

Shnookums and Meat

Shnookums and Meat was a thirdery segment on this show which later spin-off Marsupilami and into his own show. This segment a cat named Shnookums (voiced by Jason Marsden) and a dog named Meat (voiced by Frank Welker) who did not get along very well. Their owners are unseen viewed from the neck down and named (appropiately enough) Husband & Wife (voiced by Steve Markall and Tress MacNeille). Husband is always referring to their home as their "domicile" before the two leave their pets in charge while they are away.

Ludwig Von Drake

Ludwig Von Drake is a Smart Genius Duck (voiced by Corey Burton) he's star of this show from disney cartoons.


  1. A New Boy From School/Weight for Me/Hey Huey (April 21, 1994)
  2. Date with Foxworth/Ow! Hey/Couble Contest (May 12, 1994)
  3. Shirts Together/Bugging Out/A Kiss (June 1, 1994)
  4. Girls Hang Out/Poodle Panic/School Dance/Adventures with Von Drake (June 2, 1994)
  5. Best Friends/Cabin Fever/Flowers for Jenny (June 3, 1994)
  6. Romantic Machine/Pain in the Brain/Felid Day/Comedy with Von Drake (June 4, 1994)
  7. Zoo to Dare/Step-Ladder to Heaven/Boogie Dance/Discovery the World with Von Drake (June 5, 1994)
  8. Jenny's Boyfriend Huey/Kung Fu Kitty/Homework(June 6, 1994)
  9. Romatic Trip/I.Q You Too!/Jenny's Girlscout Cookies/Dance Star with Von Drake (June 7, 1994)
  10. Comet Star/Something Fishy!/Dance Together/Superhero with Von Drake (June 8, 1994)
  11. Scary Stories/Night of the Living Shnookums/Halloween Day/Spooky Stuff with Von Drake (October 22, 1994)
  12. Wish List/Jingle Bells Something Smells/Mistoe Kiss/Hoilday with Von Drake (December 25, 1994)
  13. 13 Days of Wish/What a Turkey/School's Out for Summer/Toon It Up with Von Drake (January 1, 1995)


  • Kath Souice as Jenny Foxworth
  • Jason Marsder as Shnookums
  • Frank Welker as Meat
  • Steve Mackall as Husband
  • Tara Strong as Marilyn Jennifer
  • Tress MacNeille as Wife
  • Sherry Lynn as Jennifer Sussman
  • Debi Derryberry as Debie
  • Jeff Bennet as Mr. Harvey
  • Malachi Pearson as Huey Whitney
  • Corey Burton as Ludwig Von Drake
  • Jim Cummings as Darkwing Duck/Bonkers D. Bobcat


  • Bill Kopp
  • Jeff DeGrandis


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