We Love Ren & Stimpy Series.

The Ren and Stimpy Funny Cartoon Show

Ren & Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy are Great Cartoon with Stupid Cat says You Eediot.

Kevin, Tyle, Roach and Shope

Ther 4 Friends are Great Look-Alike Supernoobs With Great Cartoon Characters on TV.


Garfield is A Fat Cat Likes Sleeps Eats and Kick-off The Table With Odie.


  1. My Shiny Friend/Dance Style Shope/Monday Misery
  2. The Great Outdoors/Messy House Party/Don't Move
  3. In The Amy/Game Lession Noob/Binky Gets Cancelled
  4. Monkey See Monkey Don't/What a Jennifer Toon!/Peace and Quiet
  5. Double Headed/Chaning the Noob/Magic Mutt
  6. A Yard to Far/Noob in this Toon Mined/Lemon Air
  7. Space Madness/Cartoonnnoobs/Cabin Fever
  8. Marooned/Tyler to Shope/Basketbrawl
  9. Black Hole/Paint the Noob/Return of the Buddy Bears
  10. Robin Hoek/Town of the Bank/Nighty Nightmare
  11. The Littlest Giant/Switch Minds/Reigning Cats and Dogs
  12. Nurse Stimpy/Smart Noob/Odielocks and The Three Cats
  13. Dinner Party/The Night of Were-Noobs/Odie The Amazing
  14. I Love Chicken/Boomerang Noob/The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy
  15. Who's Stupid Now/TNT Noob/Binky Gets Cancelled Again
  16. School Mates/Nooobmare/Cute for Loot
  17. Scoutman in Space/Peace and Quiet Shope/Home Away From Home
  18. Bell Hops/Free Spot Noob/The Garfield Rap
  19. Cheese Rush/Left in the Dark Noob/Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind
  20. Ren Need's Help/Jennifer Must be Crazy/Tooth or Dare
  21. Pixie King/Haunted Noob/Ghost of Chance
  22. Pin Pals/PsycoNoob/Supersonic Seymour
  23. Dog Tag/Nosie, Nosie, Noob/The Picnic Panic
  24. Stimpy's Pet/Hip Hop Shope/Jumping Jon
  25. Bass Master/Swimming Noob/Dream Date
  26. Ren's Brain/Pet Sitting Shope/Day of Doom
  27. Aloha Hoek/Beehide Noob/The Carinval Curse
  28. Insomniac Ren/Sleep Time Noob/Bride and Broom
  29. Stimpy's Big Day/Future 3001 Noob/Revenge of the Living Lunch
  30. The Big Shot/Life Time Noobs/Frist Annual Garfield Watchers
  31. To Slave or Not To Slave/Dog-Noob to Cat-Noob/The Pizza Patrol
  32. Feud For Sale/Smarted Tyler/Wonderful World
  33. Hair of the Cat/1930s Noobs/Box o' Fun
  34. The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball/Turn Noob the Lights/Nothing to Sneeze At
  35. Ren's Pecs/Good-Shope Keeping/Fair Exchaged
  36. Circus Midgets/Sweet Rick Noob/Garfield Goes Hawaiian
  37. Eat My Cookies/Shope Taking Care/School Daze
  38. Road Apples/Fun House of Comedy/Ode to Odie
  39. Fake Dad/Race is Noob/Good-Mouse Keeping
  40. The Boy Who Cried Rat/Noob-Tales/Fraidy Cat
  41. Ren's Bitter Half/Road on the Noob/Garfield's Moving Experience
  42. Jerry The Belly Button Elf/Inside Toon Noob/Good Cat Bad Cat
  43. Big Baby Scam/Battleball Toon/Up a Tree
  44. Ren's Toothache/Friendship Day/Wrighty Problem
  45. Dog Show/Vacation Noob/The Binky Show
  46. Mad Dog Hoek/Battle of the Noobs/All About Odie
  47. Fire Dogs/Party House Noob/Caped Avenger
  48. Untamed World/Discover Noob/Forgot Me For Sale
  49. Out West/Hot on the Summer Shope/Best of Breed
  50. Wiener Barons/Beddy Night Noob/Odielocks And The Three Cats
  51. I Was a Teenage Stimpy/The Cartoon Noob/Green Thumbs Down
  52. Space Dogged/Shope is Goine Before/Beddy Buy


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