in london england George and Mary Darling are married and have children of their own Wendy John and Michael and Nana the St Bernard and Wendy reads stories to John and Michael and Peter Pan listens but gets his shadow taken by Nana meanwhile the Smurfs arrive at the nursery anfd meet the Darling Children and George and Mary are getting ready for the party and Nana is put outside  later Peter Pan and his pixie pal Tinkerbelle arrive and Peter gets his shadow glued back in and the Smurfs get to meet Peter Pan and so do John and Michael he sprinkles pixie dust on them and they fly to neverland in neverland in the sea Gargamel and Azrael board a pirate ship and meet feirce and rough pirates and the dimwitted first mate Mr Smee who interdouces them to their ruthless Captain Hook who is having trouble locating Peters hideout but thinks that Tigerlilly might help him and he hears a pirate singing with an according and shoots him into the water and Gargamel is pleased but Mr Smee thinks it was not good form and Hook says it was not good form for Pan to feed his left hand to the Crocodile the Croc followed Hook so he can get the rest of him Smee relaxes Hook and lays him towards the sea and they hear the tick tock sound the Crocodile also swallowed an alarm to warn Hook when he is stalking him the Crocodile swims towards Hooks ship and licks his lips to eat Hook Hook cowers and begs for Smee and Gargamel to shoo him off and Azrael however is afraid of him Smee and Gargamel shoo the Croc and the Croc frowns and swims back to Crocodile Creek and Smee relaxes Hook by giving him a shave but shaves a seagull without knowing it and Hook gets angry with Smee but one pirate tells them that Peter Pan is back in neverland and Gargamel and Azrael see that the Smurfs are with him and they pive up the crew who lite the cannons Peter Pan parks Wendy John Michael and the Smurfs on a cloud but cannons shoot from the pirate ship  Tinkerbelle flies off and Peter stays and draws Hooks fire but they miss him and than Hook Smee Gargamel and Azrael leave and kidnapp the indain princess Tiger Lily when the Cheif finds her missing he sends his indain tribe out to capture the Lost Boys and the Crocodile follows Hook Smee Gargamel and Azrael out to sea but Tinkerbell goes to Hangsmen Tree and tells the Lost  Boys that Peter said to shoot Wendy and they do but unfortuately Peter saves Wendy and banishes Tinkerbell and Smurfette joins Peter Pan and Wendy as they go to the Mermaid Lagoon but the other Smurfs join John Michael and the Lost Boys on an indain hunt crossing hippos apes rhinos and a brown bear untill they reach indain tracks but the indains capture them and take them to the indain camp and their Cheif accuses them of kidnapping Tigerlily at the mermaid lagoon Peter Pan meets the mermaids however they are not nice to Wendy and Smurfette but suddenly Hook Smee Gargamel and Azrael arrive in the boat causing the mermaids to swim away and they appear to have Tigerlily as a prisoner behind them is the hungry Tick Tocking Crocodile that follows them to Skull Rock at Skull Rock Captain Hook orders Tigerlily to reveal Peter Pans hideout but she refuses as for that he chains her up but Peter imitates a spirit and Hook looks around and Gargamel follows him and later imitates Hooks voice ordering Smee to release Tigerlily and he does but Hook orders Smee to put Tigerlily back and Peter imiates Hooks voice again but this time the real Captain Hook hears it and creeps up behind him and reveals him to Smee and Gargamel discovers Smurfette and tries to snatch her and Peter and Hook have a duel Gargamel chases Smurfette but steps on Azraels tail and falls in the water and Smee tries to shoot Peter but accidently shoots Hook instead but Hook is alive and has another dull with Peter but is caught hanging by his hook and the Crocodile shows up and snaps off Hooks jacket and later pulls Hook off the edge and into his snapping jaws and sinks beneath the waves but Hook pops out of the Crocs Mouth and begs for Smee to save him Smee gets Gargamel and Azrael on the boat and rows to save the Captain who is holding open the Crocs jaws  with his feet but falls back into his mouth and later tries to sneak out again but loses a shoe and falls into his mouth and the Croc  smacks Hook on his right hand with his tail and chases after him into the sea and catches him on his snout Hook tries to flee but the Croc catches him back into his mouth but Smee hits the Croc with the oar and rescues Hook but a cave is dead ahead Smee Gargamel and Azrael escape and Hook bumps into it and falls back into the water with the Hungry Crocodile he tries to flee but bumps back into the cave and the Croc crashes him through and chases him away from Skull Rock and Peter rescues Tigerlily and leaves Skull Rock and Wendy and Smurfette follow at the ship Hook escapes the Crocodile who swims around the ship hoping for him to appear on deck but than swims for Crocodile Creek and Captain Hook has caught a cold from the chase and swears revange on Peter Pan and Smee is hamering a do not disburb plaque on the cabin door but when Hook comes out he accidently hits him with the hammer he is using and informs him that Pan banished Tinkerbell and Hook has a new plan he sends Smee to go to shore and capture her and he does at the indain camp Peter returns Tigerlily to the tribe and the Cheif releases John Michael and the Lost Boys and they celebrate the dance but Wendy and Smurfette are forced to gather firewood by the Cheifs wife and Smee captures Tinkerbell and takes her to the ship and Hook tells her that he can help her get rid of Wendy if she tells him Peters secret hideout and promises not to hurt Peter and says its Hangsmen Tree afterwards Hook locks Tinkerbell in the lantern and creates a bomb and wraps it up and rounds up the crew and head for shore meanwhile Peter Wendy John Michael the Lost Boys and the Smurfs leave the indain camp and head to hangsmen tree but Wendy wants to return home she sings to them about having a real mother as they leave the pirates capture them and Gargamel and Azrael bag the Smurfs and Hook leaves the present in Peters tree and they head for the ship and Hook gives them a choice to either join his crew or walk the plank but Tinkerbell escapes the lantern and heads for hangmens tree to warn Peter but is too late the package explodes but Peter saves Tinkerbell and the Crocodile follows them out to sea and Hook is about to make Wendy walk the plank but Peter saves her again and dulls with Hook and the Smurfs outwitt Gargamel and Azrael and trip them into the sea Hook almost falls into the Crocs mouth but escapes and the Croc punches the water and Smee and other pirates are tossed overboard and Hook challenges Peter to a no flying match and the Croc watches them in the sea below just as Hook is about to win Peter wins instead and Hook pleads for his life and Peter agrees to spare it on one condition he has to say hes a codfish and he does and Wendy John Michael the Lost Boys and the Smurfs start calling him that and the Crocodile claps with them and afterwards Hook tries to kill Peter but falls off the mast and into the Crocs mouth and the flag is tossed overboard with him Hook tries to escape but runs back into the Crocs mouth and comes out with the clock and throws it back in the Crocodile than gets a headache from swallowing the clock again but persues Hook holding open his jaws again he sends Hook bobbing above the sea and chases him away from neverland and Smee and the pirates follow and Gargamel and Azrael try to catch up by swimming after them and Peter is the ships new captain Tinkerbell sprinkles fairy dust on the ship and makes it fly out of neverland and into london Peter returns Wendy John and Michael home and returns the Smurfs to Smurf Village and George and Mary return home and let Nana back inside and he Wendy and Mary look at the ship in the sky the end

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