in france a gypsy puppeteer named Clopin narrattes to children about the bellringer of notredame who tells a story to the children of paris meanwhile Gyspies enter paris but Judge Claude Frollo persues them  with his soldiers and he kills the mother and takes the baby but accuses it of being a monster threating to drop it down the well but Archdeacon stops him warning him of the consiequneces of his sins and that his soul will not make it to heaven and to redeem his sins he must care for the child and raise it as his own and he names the baby Quasimodo meaning deformed knowing that he is a hunchback so he locks him in the bell tower as the bell ringer and schools him meanwhile the Smurfs arrive in paris and enter NotreDame Cathedriel and meet Quasimodo who is helping a young bird fly they also meet gargoyles Victor Hugo and Laverne and they talk with him about attending the festival but Frollo forbids it meanwhile Frollo meets Quasimodo and schools him again but after the festival is mentioned he convences him to stay in the bell tower becuase outside the world is cruel and dark meanwhile Quasimodo decides he must visit the outside world and not stay cooped up in the tower the Smurfs and the Gargoyles give him a disguise he slips it on and heads into town meanwhile at Frollos Cathedreil Frollo is talking with Captain Pheabous about the gypsies and getting rid of them by comparing them to the ants under the blocks meanwhile Quasimodo attends the festival with the people around him including Clopin

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