Thomas the Tank Engine meets Dumbo Poster

Thomas the Tank Engine meets Dumbo

Thomas the tank Engine meets Dumbo is Freddieholc1's first ever Thomas the Tank Engine's Adventures series. It appeared on Youtube 24/11/2011

Thomas and his freinds James, Percy, Toby, Emily, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand help Dumbo renuited with his mother Mrs. Jumbo with the help of Timothy Q Mouse and teach Dumbo using his big ears to fly.


  • This will be the first Thomas the tank engine's Adventure Series using CGI series instead of Model Series.
  • When I see an Elephant Fly will sung by Josh Gracin during the credits.
  • This will feature Thomas and his friends' Voices in the UK version.
  • Thomas, Percy, James and Toby already know Dumbo and the Ringmaster before in thenewtrainboy54's Film Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains' Revenge
  • Edward was originally planned to be with Thomas and his Friends, but freddieholc1 decided to cut him out, because he wasn't right for the movie.
  • It's revealed that Casey Jr. is the Cousin of Bash and Dash.

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